Thursday, March 31, 2005

Butterfly Sketches

Last night I promised to make some correspondence cards with butterflies on them for an Altrusa project. They will be part of a basket for a silent auction at our district conference next month.

I have not ever drawn a butterfly that I can recall, but thought it must not be too difficult. So, I got online and started looking for some photos of butterflies. I've never looked at butterflies except in passing but there are many different shapes and sizes. I've done a few different quick sketches to see what I think would work best.

I think I'll just cut some watercolor paper to the correct sizes and use it for the cards. I think I'll make correspondence cards, not fold over ones. Maybe I'll do a light wash over the whole card. We'll see once I get into it what it ends up being.

I was supposed to have a knitting night with Andrea and Diana tonight to make prayer shawls but Andrea had a little plumbing emergency at her house so we had to cancel. I didn't get the details but it involved water on the kitchen floor and a plumber so it can't have been good.

I have had a quieter day today, other than a lunchtime meeting. Yesterday I literally talked all day long. It was all good, but I was tired of talking by the end of the day. I don't know that that has ever happened to me before. And I used to talk for a living when I worked in radio. lol

I started with breakfast with Susan K. We had a great conversation about how our agencies can work together on a project. I *love* good collaboration projects.

Then I went to the office and was on the phone all morning. Trish and I had lunch and that was wonderful, as always. She is someone who's friendship I treasure.

The afternoon was full of phone calls. Seems like that's just how some days go and yesterday was one of them. I had dinner plans with Julie and then we were meeting some other folks for an impromptu Altrusa gathering. We visited until about 9, which was more than 12 hours of talking for me, but it was a nice day. Just full.

Tomorrow I will go to Newton for a seminar on the mind-body-spirit connection. Most of my friends are going to the evening gathering, but I can't as I have a previous committment. I wish I could do both but I just can't. There just doesn't seem to be enough time for me to be everywhere I need/want to be. I guess that's because I want to do so many things.