Sunday, July 17, 2011

30,000 Days

In an average lifespan, we have about 30,000 days. Think about how many of those days you enjoy any particular thing.

For example, lets say pumpkin pie is your favorite dessert and you only have it on Thanksgiving Day. If you're 60 years old this Thanksgiving, that means you have an average of 22 more times to enjoy pumpkin pie. Of course, some of us will live well beyond that average - more of us all the time in good health, which I find encouraging. But, we have to have some number for the sake of argument.

When you think about doing something only 22 more times in your entire life, it makes each experience all the more meaningful. I'm guessing if you knew this November that you were going to eat only 21 more slices of pumpkin pie in your entire life - and it was your favorite thing - that you might savor it a little more. And maybe you'd decide to have pumpkin pie half-way between Thanksgiving every year, too; thereby doubling your pleasure with a June slice.

This is why I use real cream, write on fine stationery and wear wonderful perfume. Life is short. Soak it up.

Of course, none of us knows when something will be our "last" of anything. All the more reason to enjoy each and every experience.

I've already lived more than half of my average of 30,000 days. Maybe I'll get more. Maybe I'll get less. Whatever I'm dealt, I plan on using them all. I encourage you to do the same.

Maybe we've only got 10 days left. Maybe we've got 1,000. Maybe we've got 20,000. However many it is, I want them to be overflowing with delight.


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