Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back in Kansas

I am back in Kansas, after a trip to Kentucky to be with family. I extended my visit a few days. I spent last night in Joplin, and drove the last 4.5 hours home today.

I took a little detour by Fall River today and waited for the sunset.

Of course, before it got to this stage, there were some other pretty scenes. I loved the reflections of the sky in the water. It was like looking an oil painting. Nature imitating art imitating nature, I guess.

I never feel like I can capture the colors as I see them, and no futzing in programs later seems to do the trick, either. Oh well... I guess it's a "you had to be there" kind of thing...

And, yes, I know the standard rule is that the horizon should divide the photo into thirds, not half, but I liked the reflection better this way.

Mary Ann and Jackie always make me feel completely comfortable in Kentucky, but it's good to be back in my own house. It's good to see that everything is OK, to make a cup of tea in my kitchen, to settle back into "the norm."

Unfortunately, I am already feeling so behind it's not even funny. I have so much I need to do. That week without power in December put me a week behind and I haven't caught up so I'm going to be in overdrive for the next few weeks. I have a ton of things I need to do and these are not the things I especially enjoy, which makes it all the more difficult. But, they must be done.

I was hoping to get a head start on some things while in KY, but that didn't happen. I just can't seem to focus, and I don't know what my problem is. I always intend to get so much done - I haul all kinds of things there I plan to work on - and I'm certain I'll get a lot of writing done. But, every time I come back without having accomplished any of it. I guess when I'm there I'm caught up in the moment of what's happening on a day by day basis and ready to put my "real life" on hold. But, real life requires some attention and now that has to be done.

The trick is that I need to be living a "real life" that I don't want to escape from.

And it Continues...

I went to Target tonight and took advantage of the 90% off sale on Christmas things. My big purchases were gift boxes. I was just thinking my stash was depleted and then I was able to buy them for 19 cents for three robe sized boxes. So, I'm good for a long time, now.

This is probably my last purchase of any size. By the way - this cart full of stuff was $20.85.

OK... I know I'm a little nutty about such things, but it makes me happy to go the shelf in the closet and take down exactly that size box I need. It's simple... I know... but it makes me happy. So, there you go.