Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I spent the day working on a number of different projects. I have some things I want to get done before the end of the week. In fact, I'm staying up tonight until I get the newsletter ready to take to the printer tomorrow so it's out of my world.

We did go to lunch at Roy's. When I was outside the door I could hear Mike chopping inside and it occurred to me that that is one of the "sounds of Roy's." I'm always into sound - I guess it comes from all those years in radio.

I realized once that it was probably no accident that I chose a career where I was controlling sound, something I couldn't do in my childhood. In radio I could control what sounds, the volume, how it sounded in the end, what was mixed with it, everything... not accidental. Of course, I guess few things in life are accidents.

Tonight I went to a civil rights rally on the steps of the courthouse. Today is the 16th anniversary of the passage of the ADA. There were lots of people there I knew.

Jan Pauls spoke, as did a number of other people. Jan is one of our state legislators and someone I really like. We don't always agree on politics, but I really respect her. She was just noted as someone who has never missed a vote in the 15 plus years she has been in the legislature. That is dedication.

This was organized partly by Taylor, Diana's daughter. A number of Diana's friends were there to show support. Teresa and Debbie both came, as did John.

There were representatives from a number of different groups. Jim Potter told a great story about growing up that related to the topic.

The most interesting comment came from the Reverend who said if only we would uphold the constitution and Bill of Rights we'd have no need of additional legislation for so many civil rights issues. He is correct, of course. But we don't seem willing to do that.

It was good he was there - not only for his speech - but also for his singing abilities. We definitely needed a song leader on each one and the Reverend had a nice, strong voice. I guess that's pretty much a requirement of being a reverend. There were three different songs, including "We Shall Overcome" at the end with the candlelight vigil.

Afterwards, Diana, Teresa, Debbie and I went to get something cold to drink. We didn't leave until a little after 10 when they closed.

I've still got some work to do before I can go to bed so I should get to that.

Journals I Covet

There are some things I covet, and journals are one of them - these journals. I'm very particular about journals - the kind of paper, the texture, the size, lack of lines, etc. etc. etc. Like I said, I'm particular.

Diana just got in these really cool journals made from recycled saris on the covers. I swear, The Dancing Grouse is like drugs to an addict sometimes.

I so desperately want to own about a dozen of these journals. But, that would be excessive. And foolish. And unnecessary. And I already have journals that are waiting to be used. But I like these oh so very much - they are in pretty colors and the paper feels so nice.

I had a small leather one like this for awhile that was my journal for my purse. It's full now, but I did like it. At the moment I'm using a little journal I got at Target in the $1 section and I love it except it has lines. I can't really journal on lined paper - it's confining - but I use it for notes.

Pretty journals... something I covet...


It has been a full day. I got up very early this morning and did some things around the house and then went out for a walk while it was still cool - well, it was only about 80, which is cool compared to what it was later in the day.

Greg came back to Hutch last night so we went to Dutch Kitchen for breakfast this morning. It was good to see him. It's been about a month that he's been gone.

I spent the work day focused on some projects I just want to get out of my life - things that have been hanging over my head too long. There are always things that aren't critical, so they never seem to get done. I'm trying to get some of those out of my life.

Tonight was meditation class at the Dancing Grouse. In addition to class I also checked on the time for the spiritual fair in Wichita this weekend. Friday is 3-7 - I was hoping it started earlier as I have to be there for some things and wanted to stop by. But, I'm not sure I can wait that long and catch it as had been my plan. We'll see how the week develops.

Meditation class was interesting, and afterwards Teresa, Debbie and I went out to continue our conversation. It was enlightening. We had a discussion about private vs. public lives, and how that plays out in everything from relationships to blogs.

Although I share a great deal about my life here, there is still a lot of my life that is very private, and will remain that way. Experts say that when you say you're "private," what that really means is "I've been hurt and need to protect myself." Well, gosh, who hasn't been hurt? I don't know anyone. Pain is just part of the price of being alive - at least truly alive. I don't think you can live a full life and avoid pain at the same time. Interesting thoughts...