Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't Acquire More Demons

At lunch today Greg and I were talking about anniversaries, brought on by a discussion about the Cosmosphere's Apollo 13 celebration this coming weekend. I'm devoted to marking time, always taking note of the dates of events. Greg rarely does that.

As we were discussing our different approaches, Greg said he thought if you didn't remember a date something negative happened in your life, there was no point in trying to. "Don't acquire more demons," he said.

I was struck by the wisdom of that statement. It's brilliant. Simple, but brilliant. "Don't acquire more demons"

It made me think about how often we all "acquire more demons," and that it's sometimes a conscious decision. I am certainly guilty of this myself, although I note happy occasions as well as sad ones. I'm not sure it's a part of my personality I can change, but I will certainly question if I'm acquiring more demons the next time I mark a date.

After all, who among us needs more demons?

Earlier this week I went to see Karl Casell in Wichita. KMUW brought him to town. I met him years ago at a public radio conference, and he was very funny. Now he's the score keeper on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me," and adds to the humor on that show.

He told a few stories, and talked a bit about the history of NPR News. I was shocked at the behavior of some in the audience. There were people who were yelling while he was talking. Not heckling, because that would be negative, but chiming in to back up what he was saying. I didn't appreciate the additions.

I had hoped to write a full report about his visit, but there isn't much to say. He didn't talk about much that isn't available on google. I'm always a bit disappointed when I go to the trouble to go see someone and don't get something unique out of the experience.

This past week was very busy at work and with after work activities, so it was unfortuante I didn't feel that was the best use of my time. The same night there was a gentleman speaking in Wichita about the Hubble. That would have been interesting I think but I couldn't be in two places at once.

That is one thing I've not yet mastered. Yet.

Work is very busy as we prepare for the Apollo 13 celebration. Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the day the mission blasted off. The 17th the anniversary of when they returned to Earth after a mid-flight explosion on their way to the Moon.

Of course, just because we're busy getting ready for an event doesn't mean everything else stops. Other things still have to get done. One part of my job I enjoy is creating gift baskets for various auctions and such. This one is going to an Air Force Base and has some goodies from us and the salt museum. Fortunately, we partner on projects, which makes so much sense for all of us.

I have spent most of the day working on my taxes. Don't worry - I won't bore you with the details. I did have a nice long lunch with Rita and dinner with Greg and Sharon. I also found time to do multiple loads of laundry and work in the yard a little bit. Amazing the things I will find to do to avoid working on taxes.

Unfortunately, when I do much physical work I feel it later and that's certainly true tonight. There are still areas that get sore if I am bending very much. Otherwise, I'm feeling great, but I'm obviously still healing in places. No doubt I'll wake up feeling normal in the morning, which is good because I need to complete the taxes and get them on their way. I will be glad to be finished with that.