Friday, February 10, 2012

Days and Words

Today was a day of busyness. From the time I got up until late today I was busy with one thing or another. Tonight I sort of collapsed into the comfort of the keyboard and did a lot of writing.

I used to be a real procrastinator and I'm not anymore. Now I prefer the more leisurely pace of mulling things over, tossing them around in my brain, before committing to them. This change was something I manifested in the last couple of years and it's certainly a better way to live. It means you can occasionally have a night like tonight where I could let my brain be in neutral to some degree. I needed that.

It seems every day I have a to do list, and tomorrow is no different. And it seems that finally I will need to bundle up because winter is arriving tonight, with very cold temperatures. It will be a shock to our systems after such a mild winter thus far.

As much as I would love to spill a few more words out of the keyboard, I think it's time for some sleep. There's always tomorrow. And there are always more words.

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