Sunday, May 06, 2012

Questions, questions, questions

Today I had reason to write down some of the questions floating around in my mind. These are geared toward Kansans, about pretty general topics. But I thought it might be interesting for people to see a little peek at a few of the things rattling around in my brain at any given moment. Answers to any of them are most welcome, of course!

These are just the first ones that came to mind this morning. They are not in any particular order - more stream of consciousness. I could have gone on for a few more pages, but I had to get to other things. Is there a job where one can just pose questions all day? Oh yeah... journalist... already been there and done that. 

I do love a good question/discussion topic!

  • How can we create systems that encourage creativity instead of squelching it? Can creativity exist within a system?
  • Is it really a "back to basics" movement if the internet is included?
  • How could Kansas demonstrate it's not homophobic to the rest of the world? Or is it?
  • What do you know for sure? 
  • What motto do you live by?
  • Do you have Rules for Living?
  • The energy we create with words.
  • The energy we create with intention.
  • Is life formed by intention, hard work or just luck?
  • Do you create your life or just roll with what comes your way?
  • We often hear people talk about the value of "hard work" and how that equates to money. Is that really how it works?
  • How are jobs really created? Can we find a new model for that?
  • Why do we not value main street the same way we value a big corporation moving in, who's statistically likely to leave in a very few years?
  • Would Kansas be different if we had 10 minutes of quiet time every morning - at school, work, home - for prayer, meditation, thought or whatever people preferred? A time we all engaged in stillness - however that manifested for the individual?
  • Are there any lessons to be learned from Fred Phelps' group? It's quite extraordinary that a pretty small group is known around the world, has been the catalyst for considerable legislation, and has mobilized other groups. How did they do that? Are there lessons to learn from that?
  • What do travelers expect when they come to Kansas? What do we give them? Are they coming "to" or "through?"
  • Why do we pay less to people who care for our children and our elderly (teachers, CNAs, etc.) than we do to those who entertain us?
  • Why do poets struggle while pop stars flourish? Why do we not value true creativity?
  • How did we create a world where pro-football players make far more than businesses on main street who form the structure of a community? Is that the way we want it? If not, how can we do it differently?
  • What role do events play as a way for people to gather?
  • Social Media Clubs - why would such a thing exist - aren't these people who are already talking to each other?
  • What will retail look like in 20 years? Will we still shop or will we order online and have it shipped? If we have things shipped, why do we need the middle man - the shipper who moves products to the stores, or the FedEx guy who brings it to us? Why not just buy direct from the manufacturer?
  • What businesses will exist in 20 years? Will there be eyeglass stores? Clothing stores?
  • What things cannot be automated or outsourced?
  • How much of creativity is inspiration and how much is just hard work?
  • Can we create a world where everyone has enough? Do we want to?
  • What things of today, or the past, are worth preserving?
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