Friday, December 05, 2008

New Life

I've been decorating more tonight. This is one of my favorite theme trees. I don't have a name for it but it's all copper, brown, beige and gold. Not shiny gold, but a brushed gold. Generally I collect things for a tree for a few years before I gather enough different things to create a new theme.

This one usually goes into my sun porch because I have some of the walls in there painted a coffee brown. But, this year I have a full size tree in there that's green, red, white and gold with a Santa theme so this doesn't work. So, it's in the living room this year, by the bookcase. It's a nice spot for it. I love the golden glow.

I spent all morning in the office today, which is kind of unusual for me. It seems I'm always running errands or doing other things that keep me from actually being at my desk. It's a lovely office to be in. We're so fortunate to have it.

Every spare moment these days I'm working on the house. Saturday is my open house for Kansas Country Living readers and I always seem to keep decorating until the last moment. I've had very few RSVPs, but I know I'll enjoy meeting the folks who are coming.

Otherwise these days my brain is in overdrive, imagining my life in the coming year and what it will look like. I know it will be different. Better. More me. It's just a matter of how that will happen and the specifics. But I feel big, positive things on the horizon. It's exciting.

I'm ready for some travel abroad, without restrictions on my time, and with the money to enjoy the time there. I was looking at a hostel in Madrid tonight. I am feeling drawn to Spain and Morocco has been high on my travel list for a long time.

As I unpack Christmas things I'm reminded of travel because there are bits and pieces here and there from trips. The long crystal the bird is looking at in this photo is from a French antique chandelier. I bought it in Paris at a little boutique I was just passing by. I think I paid about $4 for it. My intention at the time was to use it for Christmas, even though I didn't have this tree theme then. It's those little bits that excite me. Not because of what they are, but the moments they represent.

That day I was wandering the streets of Paris, in an area I'd not been in before, just meandering and looking at the scenery. I wandered into this little shop, figuring everything there was out of my price range, but that it would be fun to look. I carried out three little crystals, wrapped carefully in tissue paper for the long trip home.

The crystals have a new life now, as ornaments. I guess they were always ornaments, but they're now of a different sort. I'm ready for a new life, too. A life of far less stress and far more income, blessed with even more good health and friends, and spending much more of my time being me.
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