Sunday, March 11, 2007

I was suspicious...

I have suspected for some time, and today have confirmed, that I own too many cookbooks. Some of them must go to live somewhere else. Many of them. Hundreds of them.

I have been collecting cookbooks for many years. I bought them when I travelled and I have the ones I've reviewed over the past dozen plus years. Some of them I love and some of them I have barely looked at since they've been in my possession. None of them are really used for recipes anymore. When I want a recipe I go online.

So, it is time for many of these cookbooks to find a new home. I think I'd like to just give about 75% of the collection to a library that could use them, with the remaining ones going there after I die. The trick now is to see if there's a library that would be interested in them.

I wasn't looking for another project right now, but I guess I need to devote some energy to this. I want to move them on to their new home soon.

Sudoku Brain Power

Have you started working sudoku? I was resisting. And I was doing a good job of it. Until I was in Kentucky in October and Mary Ann had a little book - just lying there on the counter - all innocent looking.

Well, I started working them and discovered I'm not very good at it. For most people, this would make them stop. I, instead, came home and found a place online to work them for free. Now I've purchased a book - damn the Target $1 section.

The online place gives you an option of seeing how you're doing compared to others. I suck even more than I knew. Once it told me that 98% of people do them better. Hopefully I've gotten a little better.

Obviously, this uses some part of my brain that isn't fully functioning. I'm trying to stimulate it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And, yes, I'm only working the "easy" ones. Don't laugh.