Friday, February 01, 2008

Wooden Barn in Kentucky

I mentioned the wind storm a few nights ago peeled back parts of the barn on the farm where I grew up. I snapped a photo to share. This is the same barn Greg photographed that was on yesterday's post, just from a different angle. Obv iously, the tin roof was already partially gone, but it had a full, solid wall until a couple of days ago.

My family bought the farm in 1949 and the barn was already on it, along with the one beside Jackie and Mary Ann's house and a big tobacco barn that blew down in a wind storm in the late 50s. I, of course, don't remember that since I wasn't yet around, but when I asked Jackie if both these were here when our parents bought the farm he told me about that one, too. Apparently wind storms are hard on barns for our family.

I've been photographing old barns in Ballard County for the last few trips I've made back here. One of these days I'll get around to making a big post of some of those. Old wooden barns are disappearing and being replaced by metal monsters. I understand all the reasons for such things, but I just can't think of a barn as anything other than wood. A metal building is... well... a metal building... it could be anything... and that's part of what makes them appealing. But a barn has to be wood.

I'd like a barn... out behind the Queen Anne mansion I want. I'm a woman of contrasts, what can I say?


This is the barn on the farm where I grew up. As you can see, it is starting to fall apart a bit, as are many of the old barns around this part of Kentucky. After the storm the other night, more of it is gone, as it peeled away a bit of the back part, under where the roof is missing.

Greg took this photo last week when he was here.

I also love this one he took of Terrell Road.

I will leave this weekend to head back to Kansas. I have really needed these days with my family in this place that is home. Unfortunately, I've been really sick the last three days with a respitory infection. I haven't even dressed today, which is practically unheard of for me. I'm hoping the morning brings a much perkier Patsy.