Friday, September 07, 2012

Divinity Won Second Place in State Fair

Thanks to Greg Holmes, I know I won second place in the miscellaneous candy division at the Kansas State Fair. He went out today and took this photo. I was at the doctor for a check up this morning and Greg told me to check his pix on Facebook. By the time I got home, I spaced it off.

Sometime this afternoon it occurred to me to send Greg a note asking him to see if I won anything if he happened to be in the building. He wrote back, "Check my photos." Duh!

By the time I saw it, others had already commented on it. It was sweet of him to check on it for me.

It's really cool to participate in it. I would have missed it if I hadn't seen notes on Facebook that reminded me. The other winners look very tasty, too.

Next year I'll make sure I have pecans in the house - and I'll try not to be making it three hours before it has to be delivered - and give it another go.

Thanks, Greg, for delivering the news!
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