Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday is not a Bargain Day

Back in the long, long ago days - you know, like five years ago - when lots of people didn't have high speed net access at home, the Monday after Thanksgiving was a big online sale day. Why? Well, because those sneaky employees were using the company access (and perhaps time) to do some Christmas shopping.

I am certainly not opposed to online shopping. I do it often, although I much prefer to do it at home instead of at the office. I've done some Christmas shopping online already this year. But if retailers want to entice me to shop on "cyber Monday" they're going to have to step up their game. A lot.

If it's just a decent sale price then it's nothing to get excited about. Free shipping is great, but, frankly, I pretty much expect that. All the time. And if you won't give it to me on the average Thursday, one of your competitors will. Guess who I will buy from?

One of the great things about the internet is that it has taken competition for the shopper's dollar to a new level. Unfortunately, online retailers have not risen to the occasion as far as I can tell. But, then, I'm a person with my own high speed internet connection, which I was putting to use on Thursday, when the deals were better than they are now.

Do retailers just think we won't notice? We do. Really.

If you really want to compete for my money you've got to do better. Honest. Here I sit with a high speed connection and I'm blogging on it instead of buying on it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
--- Albert Einstein

Of course, I think most of us would argue that Einstein was very smart, but there is some wisdom in this statement.

I've always been a great "starter" but not always a good "finisher." In the last few years I've made an effort to address that, and I have to say I've been pretty successful in making changes.

Part of the process has been to realize that some things simply take a long time to accomplish. I've been working on this novel off and on for eight years now, although I haven't had any brain power or energy for it in 2009. But, it has been a real learning experience for me. Some things do just take an extended period of time.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping today. I wasn't sure I'd feel up to shopping this year, but I found some good stuff in the ads yesterday and got everything I was after this morning.

What I didn't get was much sleep. I will be rectifying that situation shortly. I desperately wanted to come home and nap, but knew that was a very bad idea because then I'd be up half the night. So, I'm trying to stay vertical until a reasonable early time to go to bed.

I also got some goodies for myself today. As always, I end up shopping for myself more than I should.

My big purchase of the day was a new phone. It's a droid - the Samsung Instinct. It's the fastest phone on the market at the moment and so far I like it. I say that even though I don't really know how to use some of the basic functions on it yet. Learning how to answer it is a must before I go to bed tonight. It's embarrassing to have to call people back and tell them I couldn't figure out how to answer the phone when they called. It does, however, provide a tremendous amount of amusement for folks.

One of my stops this morning was the local target where there was no parking in the entire lot, and hundreds of people waiting in line. I think it's the largest crowd I've been in for a black Friday sale. There's some fun involved in the whole experience, although I certainly wouldn't want to make a habit of shopping this way.

I think tomorrow I'll stay home most of the day. Without hundreds of other people around.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

I decided a few days ago that I was going to spend today remaining in a grateful frame of mind. I'm happy to report I was succesful in doing that.

It was disappointing that I couldn't go to Joplin as planned, but I decided to make the most of the day here. Amy invited me to join her group for dinner, and I really appreciated the offer, but just wasn't sure if I would feel good enough to be decent company. So, I bought a take out order of turkey at Roy's on Wednesday and today I whipped up some sides to have a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. Well, minus the things I don't like anyway.

Okay, and here's the big confession... I love that jelled cranberry sauce right out of the can. I know, it's not very sophisticated, but I like it. I've made cranberry sauce a few times, and I like different relishes people make, but I also like the stuff out of the can, with the rings imbedded in it. I don't know why, but I do.

I also baked a pumpkin pie for dessert. It was quite tasty, although not as great as it would have been with my own pie crust. But I just didn't feel like doing the pushing and pulling necessary to roll out a crust so I cheated and bought one.

Late this afternoon I went outside to see the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station pass through. It was really cool to see both of them at one time. The ISS will be visible again tomorrow night about 6, but it was really neat to see both of them tonight.

Tonight I started decorating the Christmas tree. Greg put up one of my small, 6 foot trees for me the other night. I wasn't going to decorate a tree at all, because I'm certainly not up to my usual tree and decorating extravaganza. But, I decided I wanted a tree of some sort. So, he set up this tree and brought up just three of my boxes of ornaments. So, I'm just going to use whatever is in them, as opposed to dragging out the other boxes too. Of course, every box has some precious things in it.

One of these boxes held this Santa, that I bought in Amsterdam while on a trip with Matthew.

Matthew and his family have been on my mind all day. I'm still not used to the idea that he's not out in the world. It just doesn't seem right to me.

But, today I decided to be thankful for the moments we had together, the great times we shared, the travel experiences we could have only had with each other, instead of lamenting that we won't have more. Matthew is one of the few people I have ever known who understood my desire to cram as much living into every day as possible. We were in sync on that, which is probably one reason we made so many wonderful memories together. I'm so grateful I have those memories and the trinkets like this Santa that bring them flooding back.

I hope you've had a wonderful day filled with gratitude.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teachers' Night Out

Friday night was the fifth annual Teachers' Night Out at the Cosmosphere and it was the first big event I had planned since I've worked there.
We had about 500 teachers, more than double what we've had in previous years from what I understand. It was great to see teachers from all over the state.
This was the first time I went back to work after surgery. I just didn't want to miss the event. It went well overall. I think everyone had a good time.
When people were leaving at the end of the evening they seemed to just keep coming and I wondered where everyone had been in the building. It was great to see such a big group.
One thing I love about working at the Cosmosphere is that everyone pitches in to get everything done. It's a very collaborative work environment, which is great. Something like this requires "all hands on deck" to pull off.
We had a backup plan in case I couldn't be there but fortunately I was feeling good enough to work the registration area. I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

My friend, Dean, posted this quote about the abyss on Facebook the other day and it was just what I needed to read at the time. Isn't it interesting how often life provides you with just what you need?

Tonight I decided to search out the context of it and, again, see something I need to read - the bit about monsters. It seems I've been occasionally fighting monsters for awhile now, and it's obvious I've been taking the wrong approach. I need to just let them be and give them no more energy.

I walked away from some monsters earlier this year, but they circle around in other people's lives that are intertwined with mine, cropping up occasionally wanting to engage in my world again. No more fighting against that. I will take the direct approach, and remove the people from my life who are still involved with the monsters. It is the proverbial two birds with one stone situation, and requires no more fighting with monsters for me.

For the first time in months I feel like I'm on the right path. Tonight when I was writing in my gratitude journal I had a bit of a breakthrough that was long overdue. Again, life providing when one is open.

I'm at a turning point where I have to make a new life, a new way, a new path. I've been here before, but it has always been more obvious. This is more subtle but no less necessary.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Journal Writing

I have been writing in journals almost since I could write. For many years part of what I wrote was what I dub the "chronicle of daily life," which I largely do online now.

But I still write by longhand in journals. The writing done by hand is different. We now know that different parts of the brain are engaged when we type than when we write with pen to paper. I always knew this, as I'm sure any devoted diarist did, but science has caught up with us.

Since I've been writing in the blog, I have written more sporadically by hand in journals. Periodically I've thought this was an error, and would rectify the situation by going to my paper journals more often.

But, as we approach the end of this year, which has been a very difficult one for me on multiple levels, I realize just how critical it is that I spend more time with pen and paper. I have started with my gratitude journal.

Science has proven that keeping a gratitude journal is one sure-fire way to increase your happiness level. I need more happiness. I'm not clinically depressed, I am "appropriately sad" given the circumstances I've found myself in this year. There's a big difference in those two things.

It would be very easy to have my doctor medicate me so I don't feel sad. But, I know from experience, grief will have its due. Period. There is no short cut. And there's no point in delaying that. So, I'm grieving the losses of this year - from body parts, to an innocence about one's good health, to the death of a dear friend, to losing the holiday celebrations I had planned. Part of that processing has to be done with pen and paper.

At the same time, I am spending time with my gratitude journal each day. I have so much to be thankful for this year. Amidst the losses, I was blessed to get the news thousands of people are praying for every day - "benign." I was lucky enough to have friends who rallied around me at various steps in the processes. I had great care. I have a new job I really, really love, working for people I respect a great deal. I am also fortunate enough to be able to understand why some have drifted out of my life this year. I'm thankful to be feeling strong enough to release those people.

It has been difficult to be close to me this year - it has been a frightening journey at times and you can't keep from putting yourself in my shoes at such a time. I understand some people just don't want to go there. I understand - it's scary, it's difficult, it's painful. But I cannot carry any of those relationships into the new year. I'm overdue to bid farewell to them.

So I'm going through a process to let go. I spend some time thinking about the positives of each relationship I need to part with. I appreciate the relationships for what they were, and then accept that they are no longer beneficial for the two of us, for whatever reason. Then I say, "thank you for the time we shared. I wish you well on life's journey and I release the bonds we've built. Thank you for being part of my world for a time. May happiness, laughter and goodness be yours all the days of your life. Thank you and goodbye."

I have decided that on this Thanksgiving I am going to spend the day in a constantly thankful frame of mind. I think that will do wonders for my own good mental health. Yes, this year has had many losses, but it has also offered much to be thankful for. I'm going to focus on that and spend some time with journals, making those blessings even more tangible with words formed on paper.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Parade in Hutchinson Kansas

The Big Giant Head has made his inaugural appearance in the Hutchinson Kansas Christmas Parade. Greg and Sharon have been working hard on this for a couple of weeks. He looked magnificent!

Of course, I couldn't resist other scenes from today's parade.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Funny, Funny, Funny

I read a lot. On rare occasions, something makes me laugh out loud. This week I was reading an excerpt of "What Would Susie Say," by Susie Essman. It's in "More" magazine and titled, "Who are you calling uncool? Moi?" The gist is that she is a cool chic involved with "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but the teenagers in her life see her as the village idiot.
The whole piece is funny, but the last couple of sentences made me cackle. "These kids and their whole lame generation think they are so hip, with their bike helmets and their safe sex. In my day safe sex was when you did it without handcuffs."
I definitely want to read the rest of the stories, because that just cracked me up.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wicked in Wichita Behind the Scenes and How I Learned I was Blonde

Greg, Sharon and I went to see Wicked in Wichita the last weekend it was playing and it was a blast. It's in Kansas City now and the thought has been offered to go see it again.

A few days before we went, I was at a Wichita CVB event where one of the actors spoke a bit about the show. We were in an area of Century II where we could see what was being used as the backstage area for the show. I took a little video to share.

The red and purple cases are makeup and hair. The black ones hold costumes - generally one per actor.

He said all the wigs are made by hand, with real human hair. It takes about 40 hours to make just one. He described it as much like making a latch hook rug.

All the shoes, masks and costumes are made specifically for the actor. They trace their feet so the shoes fit perfectly. Everything is hand beaded. He is the backup for the wizard and said the material for the vest was $200 a yard. But, he said of the costume designer, "She won the Tony. They give her the budget. She spends it."

There are 32 people in the cast. He said 75 people travel with the show, and that comes up to 110 when they add locals, including 12 costume people locally. Six of the orchestra members travel with them and the rest are local.

It takes 14 semi trucks to move the equipment. Originally there were 17, but they now do some of the magic by hand instead of with machines and that cut down on the number needed.

I tried for the ticket lottery the day I was over there for the CVB event, but was not fortunate enough to win. But, we ended up going after that anyway. It was quite a spectacular production and funny. Very funny.

At one point the green witch and the blonde witch are thrown together as roommates and are describing each other to their families. The blonde witch has a long list of ways she explains her roomie, but when it's the green witch's turn she just says, "blonde."

The blonde witch is very perky and excited about lots of things. I had a moment or self-awareness while watching it, thinking, "wow, I've always been blonde... I just never dyed my hair."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flowers and Ramblings

The Cosmosphere sent a bouquet of these beautiful, brightly colored daisies today. They're a perfect complement to the lovely bouquet the arts center sent a few days ago. I just got those last night when I got home from the hospital because they had delivered them to the neighbors a few days ago. Trish brought a live plant to the hospital, too, so I'm surrounded by some nice nature even though I'm in the house.

I've had some time to think in the last few days and some questions keep coming to me. It's easy to push them aside when one is wrapped up in the hub-bub of daily living. It's more difficult when that is set aside and there's little to focus on except the basics - living, breathing, dealing with pain, moving on.

I'm so very grateful to be on the other side of this. And thankful for the great care I received. I will be happy to get back to some semblance of "normal," although it will be quite some time.

I'm reconciling myself to spending Thanksgiving in Hutchinson instead of in Joplin with Greg's family and going to see Andy Williams in Branson as we had planned. Last year Mia, Greg, Miss Joy and I went and it was like watching a 1953 Christmas special played out in front of you - just perfect. But I simply can't travel there yet and I want them to go ahead and go. I'll just have to live vicariously this year.

Of course, I had already accepted I would not be able to do my usual Christmas decorating this year - that would be wrapping up now, but I just couldn't do it. And ordinarily I would have all my shopping done but this year I literally started the day after I got back from Christmas last year on this medical journey and haven't focused on anything else. And, ironically, now I'm not able to go shop. So, I think I'm going to have to take a pass on the traditional holiday season activities this year.

It will be very difficult to not be with my family in Kentucky, for only the second time in my life, and the first time in 25 years, but I simply won't be able to be in a car for that long by then. I've never missed a Christmas with BC, but it just can't be helped this year.

This is also the first time I've ever gone a whole year without visiting Kentucky. But, there hasn't been a time this year I was able to do it when I had the time to do it.

I'm looking forward to many wonderful moments in the Christmas season - they will just be different than what I'm used to. Maybe I'll find some new traditions I love. I always remind myself when I'm decorating that, "you only get so many Christmases in a lifetime." I'm going to relish every second of this one. Every second. A few months ago I wasn't sure I would even be alive at this time of year. But I am. And I'm thankful. And I'm going to express that gratitude by embracing the season.


I got home yesterday afternoon and all settled in. We decided I probably did need to rent a hospital bed for at least a short while instead of climbing the stairs so we dealt with that. I spent the first night there and other than waking up totally disoriented once it was fine. I'm needing very little pain medication, for which I'm thankful. I would make a very bad drug addict because I can't imagine why anyone wants to have that loopy feeling they leave you with. But, they're wonderful when you have pain and I certainly want them available when needed.
My plan today is to rest all day. Frankly, I feel like being up and around a bit but I am going to rest and do as little as possible. I think that will probably do more for my healing than anything else. My body and mind must need rest, so I'm going to try and give them some.
The last couple of days in the hospital I was working because I couldn't get rest from the various people "attending" to me. So, I worked. But I think a day of complete rest is in order now.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

home soon

I'm headed home soon. They're doing the last of the paperwork. Feeling pretty good considering everything!

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Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been working on Cosmosphere things from the hospital today. I'm glad I had the opportunity to check in on my work email or we would have missed a television interview opportunity. Technology is amazing. It's somewhat incredible I could communicate with the folks I needed to about that and schedule it, all from the computer and cell phone, while people are going in and out taking my blood pressure and asking me to rate my pain. Do not worry - I did not communicate with the outside world while the lortab was kicking in.

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I Don't Like It

An ongoing joke among friends is that I wrinkle my nose and shake my head and say, "I don't like it," about a large number of food items. This occasionally extends to things other than food, and it has become a joke when others imitate me. I've been doing this for years, but for some reason in the last few months it has become funny to others. It's kind of funny to see others do it and I'm guessing it's humorous when I do it too. The difference, of course, is that I'm not trying to be funny. I just don't like whatever it is.
I like lots of different things. I'll eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable. I'll eat most kinds of bread. I am pretty picky about meat products and I don't want to eat anything I don't know was prepared cleanly. I don't make an issue of it. I just pick things out or put them aside, or leave them. I don't complain. I generally carry a breakfast/protein bar in my purse so if I'm at a lunch or something where there's nothing I want to eat I can just eat that afterwards. I will do without but I won't eat something I just don't like.
In the hospital I've been on a liquid diet but yesterday they started bringing me soup and pudding and such. This morning they bring my breakfast tray and it's:
malt o meal  - I don't like it
lime jello - I don't like it
milk - I don't like it
coffee - I don't like it
grape juice - Yay! it was good!
I'm guessing Sharon, Mia, Greg and Mark would have enjoyed it. Pity only I got to experience the humor of the moment. And, for the record, I did not wrinkle my nose and say, "I don't like it," outloud.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm doing well. As of tonight I am untethered from any tubes, machines, IVs, etc. That happened somewhat by accident when my last IV essentially removed itself and they couldn't get one back in because they had used all my veins so many times.
Unfortunately, this took away my epidural for pain relief. So, now I'm on Lortab by mouth for pain and so far so good. It is making me a little loopy and what can only be described as inappropriately happy.
But, hey, one should accept happiness in whatever form it arrives so I'm not going to discrinimate against white caplets, and just enjoy it. However, so as not to embarrass myself any more than necessary, I'm going to keep this blog brief.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Room 5208

They moved me from ICU to a regular room at 5208 this afternoon. Trish dropped by this morning and brought a cool plant and the "Julie& Julia" book. I've started the book already. I'm glad I haven't seen the movie yet because I like to read the book first. Later today Roger stopped by for a visit, then Greg was in for awhile. The surgeon wasn't in today but my personal physician says probably 2-3 days more.
I'm loopy from the drugs, so forgive the typos or occasional bit of not making the best sense.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

No news is good news

It has been relayed to me that Miss Joy wanted to know why there was nothing more on the blog yesterday about me. The story is this:
I'm doing fine at Promise Regional Medical Center here in Hutchinson Kan.
I'm still in ICU as a precaution because the surgery was more extensive than expected and I appreciate my surgeon taking care. I'm astarting to see a trend that good surgeons are very careful surgeons
I will most likely go to a room on the telemetry floor tomorrow where they can monitor my heart for a fib
if a room there is not available I will probably remain in ICU although that's just my guess
I know who won oprah's karoke contest
my surgeon no longer seems to think I'm just a drug addict wanting painkillers but that I was actually in pain after being cut open - of course I'm being sarcastic but we seem to have found a better way to communicate which is certainly helped by me not having a tube down my nose and throat (who says communication degrees are useless)
I've been up to walk three times today and would have gone more if someone were available to go with me but they were very busy and I will go more before bed
the last time they let me go walk by myself
my nurse says I'm the best post op patient she has ever seen in her 30 plus years of nursing about getting up and walking (and I like to be best but I would so like it to be about something else)
I only have my phone to communicate with, which is why updates from me are sparse. Greg will have to find his own excuse.
My thumb typing speed has improved
Greg is bringing my laptop tonight but I have IVs in both hands and don't know how much I will be able to type anyway
I hope to be able to get a Facebook Fix
my nursing care since Bob (please wait for the angels to sing his praises because he was extraordinary) has ranged from good to excellent and I'm very thankful
if I could offer just one piece of advice to nurses it would be to slow down and take it easy
if I could offer one piece of advice to administrators it would be to create a circumstance where nurses can slow down and take it easy
I'm mentally and emotionally making adjustments about the holidays because I know I won't be able to travel at all by Thanksgiving and certainly not to Kentucky by Christmas (expect my tree to begin its ascent during the long July 4th holiday of 2010)
I feel really good, considering, but it will be awhile before I am normal again
My surgeon tells me this surgery was certainly as major as what I had in !anuary. I was not prepared for that. This was supposed to be simple.
I'm going to find out the name of the doctor who came up last night to see an elderly woman and declared, "That lady is a miracle." I like doctors who believe in miracles.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009


thanks everyone for your good wishes on the blog and Facebook. I only have my phone and can't respond to each of you but I'm reading everything. Each prayer, positive thought and healing vibe is most appreciated. Greg has gone to sleep and I txted sharon that I was ok and to get some rest.thank you all for your concern.
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patsy here

this is patsy... Writing on the phone from icu. I'm feeling bettr. I've been up to waolk and am sitting up. Dramatically better than yesterday. Greg wemt to sleep. I don't have mmy glasses so forgive typos. Plus I'm very drugged. Thank goodness...
greg will update u on any big news.
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Thursday Morning

Patsy slept fairly well during the night. Trish stopped by and said hello this morning.

Doctor Holcomb just left; he has ordered that Patsy (still in ICU) get up and walk four times today in order to avoid blood clots and pneumonia. She sat up in bed at about 6AM and it was somewhat painful, so she's not looking forward to walking, but acknowledges the necessity.

She is currently in A-fib but they are giving her diltiazem to slow her heart to a normal level. She's normally on a daily dose of sotalol to prevent A-fib but it was suspended for the surgery. I had asked that her normal dose of sotalol be kept up as an IV solution but was told it is not available that way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still in ICU, doing better

There's nothing much to report until Dr Holcomb makes his rounds tomorrow; then we may know when Patsy gets a regular room. She is on Fentanyl via a constant epidural with additional on-demand doses available to her by push-button pump every 20 min. The pump was not working earlier; I had to convince a nurse of this by taking the button myself and running my phone's stopwatch until over 20 minutes had passed, then showing that the button did not work. The nurse fiddled with the pump and it works now.

Moral of story: when a friend is in the hospital, always make sure the gadgets are doing what they're supposed to. Sometimes nurses do not trust the ability of patients to account for the passage of time since the last patient-controlled dose (probably often justified), and they don't know that Patsy is particularly good at this.

Her night nurse tonight, Keri, seems like a fine one - takes care of business and is considerate while doing so. Her day crew today was exemplary, too; there's a day nurse named Bob that we'd like to clone. Patsy is much happier and less scared of the possibility of un-attended pain tonight.

Sharon is sitting with Patsy and I in the ICU; Sharon will have to leave later as she has a day crew to run at her landscaping business, but I hope to stay here, or in the waiting room (discretion of staff) until Dr. Holcomb makes his rounds tomorrow AM. He's an early one...makes the rounds about 5:30-6:30 AM. He seems willing to take the time to explain anything he can although like most specialists I've met, will not engage in speculation as to when she might be able to ride in a car, etc.

The night nurse has been a little concerned about Patsy's oxygen level being too low(hovered around 87-93, earlier) and says she needs to breath more to counteract the suppressive effects of the pain medication. It's better now...up to 95 right before I send this post at 9:14 PM.

I'll report when there's anything new.


I chatted with Dr. Holcomb at about 6:30 about Patsy's pain level and he proposed giving her an epidural. This was accomplished at about 8:30 and she is resting much better.

Still in the ICU

Greg here. I was able to visit Patsy briefly in the ICU last night, and again just a bit ago, but I cannot stay in the room with her. Her nurse tells me Patsy is in a lot of pain and that she wants her to rest - something she feels she would not do if she knew I was there. So I'm in the waiting room waiting for her surgeon, Dr. Holcomb, to make his rounds.

Holcomb did not prescribe the morphine pain pump last night as they wish to ensure the stability of Patsy's vital signs first. Maybe she can have one after being released from ICU.

Ann hung around quite a while last night and helped out, and Sharon is furnishing some valuable back-up for me when I have to leave.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surgery Update

Patsy's surgeon, Dr. Holcomb just updated me. Patsy is out of surgery. About one foot of bowel was removed due to it being "balled up" in her hernia, then the hernia was repaired with a biological mesh. She will go to ICU for tonight, and then be in the hospital for five to seven days.

She's not going to like the news of that hospital stay, having gone into surgery expecting only the hernia repair and a two or three day stay..

Thank you all for being concerned. - Greg

Surgery in Progress

Hi; Greg here. I'm substituting for your normal host, the usually perky Patsy Terrell, who is currently in surgery at Hutchinson Hospital for a hernia.

Patsy was taken back for her hernia surgery later than scheduled today, at just about 5:15 PM.

I've just been informed that the surgery on her hernia is just starting at 7:10PM. There was a slight delay due to having to deal with some adhesions that had formed, but all is going well. A small bowel resection had to be done, but without talking to the surgeon I have fews details on that.

Such adhesions may explain some of her pain these last few months.

Before she was taken to surgery, we were fascinated by all the technology. In the photo, Patsy is wearing a sort of inflatable gown that warms the patient via an attachable air blower. It reminds me of an astronaut suit, or one of those inflatable Halloween costumes. It pretty much works, but she had a tendency to complain her fingers were cold just as she'd hold those icy digits against me and cackle with girlish mischief as my life's warmth was tapped.

All that just to illustrate that although she has the normal apprehension about surgery, her spirits were fine enough to pester me.

Ann was not able to be her nurse, but did pop in as we waited and helped with an IV right before Patsy went back. Medical people don't usually have trouble finding a good vein for an IV in Patsy, but this time they did. We think it's because she's a bit dehydrated.

I'll post again when I know more.

Tomorrow is the Day

My surgery has been rescheduled to 3:30 tomorrow. It was originally at 2, but the needed to reshuffle and were going to put me in the morning but I had planned to work in the morning to finish up a couple of things. So, they moved me to 3:30. I check in at 1:30.
Of course, this is "minor" surgery, to repair a hernia I acquired after surgery earlier this year. But, of course, nothing seems minor when it's you they're cutting on.
I'm thrilled that my recovery nurse will most likely be Annie, a friend I really adore. So, that's a big bonus. Greg will be updating here as things progress.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Good Morning America and Grammar

Occasionally I become concerned about the English language and the continued decline of using it properly. On ABC's "Good Morning America" they introduced a story by writing "How will bill effect your family?" Before I could get their email pulled up to send them a note saying that should be "affect," they changed it.
I'm thrilled they caught the mistake. We all make mistakes like that on a regular basis, and while I'd like to say a national news program shouldn't, such programs are run by individuals, just like you and me. We all make typos and bad choices where grammar is concerned.
So, instead of a nasty note to ABC, I'm giving them kudos for catching it so quickly and making the correction.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009


This butterfly was out enjoying the beautiful day at Dillon Nature Center Saturday, like me and a ton of other folks. We've been having incredible weather and I've been disappointed I haven't felt up to enjoying it as much as usual. So Saturday I decided to go out for at least a short walk.

There's something magical about moving along the Earth under your own power. We take it for granted, but that physical connection with putting foot to ground is important. All the great prophets and thinkers throughout history have gone to nature at some point. We all need our time of wandering in the wilderness, literally and figuratively.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much solitude to be found there. But there were plenty of sights to remind us of how fortunate we are to live in a world where color and form abound.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ingenious Marketing at Walmart

Walmart had a barely-advertised sale this morning -a pre-black-Friday sale that started at 8 a.m. It was only online and on the radio.
One of the things they offered was a laptop for $298. It's not a fancy laptop by any means, but it's serviceable. And, of course, I had no working laptop after the untimely death of my $1200 machine recently. You may remember my post that was basically "laptops are crap and I'm not ever 'investing' in one again."
But, I have to have one. I just decided my next one was going to be much cheaper. I've been shopping around and the cheapest thing I had found was $359 at Best Buy and not as good a machine as this. When Michele mentioned it yesterday afternoon I decided I would go pick one up.
Even though it was after 2 when I got to bed, I got up a little after 6 and headed out. I was surprised to find the parking lot was not very full. I got back to electronics and there were about six people waiting, most of whom wanted X-Box or TVs. There was some confusion about which line to wait in for the laptop, but once that was determined it went smoothly. And, a big thank you to Judy, who handled the situation well.
Okay, so I replaced my laptop. I'm happy. I haven't even unboxed it yet and I'm happy.
But, beyond my personal purchase, I am very impressed with the concept. Walmart now has some idea of how their holiday season is going to go.
Our store got 26 of these laptops and all but two of them were sold when I was back there buying mine. I'm sure they were all sold by the time I got out of the store. But, if they hadn't sold them all they would now have more of the Christmas season to sell them so they don't get stuck with them. If they had had 100 people waiting in life for them they would have known they could order in many more and sell them.
They have information no other retailer has right now. By the time the day is over, and they combine the data from stores all over the country, they're going to be able to make decisions about what to order, how much to order, and how long it's likely to stay on the shelves. I have no retail experience, but those seem like really important things to know.
I know there are people who hate Walmart and I'm not going to debate the evils or the virtues. But you can't argue with the ingenuity of this. And, it's something many other businesses could have done - they mostly used their website instead of traditional marketing. (Just realized as I wrote that that I consider websites kind of "old school" marketing anymore, but I digress.) But, other businesses didn't do it. No doubt they will next year, but it is Walmart that took the risk in this economy that they would get stuck with a ton of merchandise. My guess is they will reap the rewards of that, but it was a risk. If 26 machines made their way to Hutchinson, Kansas, I'm guessing some stores got far more.
It's so simple. So incredibly simple. Hey - lets start our big sales sooner so we have more time to sell the merchandise before Christmas. And lets don't invest much money in advertising it. Then we'll know how much money we really have to spend to get people through the door. So simple. But oh so smart. 

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Greg, Sharon and I went to see Wicked in Wichita tonight. It was so incredibly cool. I'm soooooo glad I got to see it, and am so thankful. It was a visually stunning experience.
I had a moment of personal clarity while watching it. When the joke is "blonde," I thought, "oh, wow, I should have been blonde." It was an American Pie kind of moment when our guy recognizes, "I was always a band geek - I just never joined the band." In some ways I've always been blonde, I just never dyed my hair. Who knows, maybe I will at some point.
All in all it was a great experience. Very cool.

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Meeting Jami and Martha's Words of Wisdom

Wednesday night the Cosmosphere hosted the Kansas Museums Association as part of its conference in Hutchinson. I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Jami, a blog reader who I've connected with on Facebook. It was just wonderful to meet her and get a chance to talk face to face.

I'm amazed at what you can learn about a person's life from those brief status updates in Facebook. I feel like I have a small sense of what Jami's days are like and I love that. I'm so very glad we are able to connect in that way.

For a long time I had a note on the bottom of each blog post, asking people to friend me in Facebook, but it has been rare that anyone has, although people will often tell me when they meet me that they've wanted to. So, this is an open invitation - if you're a blog reader and want to connect on Facebook, please do. I'm there under my own name, so you can find me easily enough. Of course, I don't have the benefit of knowing who's reading, but I'm always flattered when I meet folks.

I was talking about meeting Jami with my friend, Martha, tonight, and how these connections develop because of the writing I do here. And I was reminded of Darla's surprise gift to me this summer and how delighted I was that someone would drop off something just to make me smile. I happened to bump into her at the fair and got to have a nice conversation, which was great. I love feeling connected to people in different ways and love it that writing here leads to that sometimes.

It's always a rare treat to get to spend a few hours in conversation with Martha and I treasure those times. She said something at dinner tonight that really made an impact on me.

"Clearly, you have transitioned."

I'm not even sure what that means yet, but I know it was a moment of real truth. You can recognize those when they happen - it's as if time stands still and the angel choir sings. I wrote it down because I immediately knew it was truth.

Over the last couple of years I have made a conscious effort to change some parts of my personality. Oddly enough, Martha has been a model for some of those things.

I suppose in some ways we are always in transition - good or bad - we're generally in the midst of some kind of change. But, I believe what Martha said is true. I have transitioned. So, now I have the task of defining myself as this new person. I'm not even sure what this person does differently, but I'll figure it out. At this point I just hope it's for the good.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


It's a time of year for clearing out of energy. I was talking with someone just tonight about energy and how some people have compatible energy that builds you, and how some people try to drain energy from you.
I've been a bit low on energy the last few months and have been attributing it to my healing process, but that isn't it. While I've been so focused on healing I have neglected my critical thinking about people in my world, and have neglected to shed those who take my energy. Fortunately, this conversation - among other things - was a reminder.
I need to get rid of people who are taking energy from me, and connect with those who are willing to share theirs. It's such a simple thing and I overlooked it. Sometimes it takes a conversation with a similar personality/energy type to point out the obvious. Thank goodness that dropped into my life tonight from a completely unexpected source. I'm grateful.
So, tonight as I lay down to sleep I will begin the disconnecting, the letting go, the parting. Farewell.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Operating Systems and Orchestras

It has been a few days since I opened the new computer - it's a very basic computer, but faster than my old one. I'm still working out the kinks. I've loaded only the most essential software and have discovered that many things don't work with the new operating system.
A piece of advice I always give to others is to not jump into anything when it's the first version. What did I do? Jump into the first version. And now I'm paying the price. You can google until you're blue in the face and find no references to your problems. When I've found a few more "fixes" I'll write a blog post about them so maybe someone else will benefit.
Tonight Greg, Sharon and I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in Wichita. I had not seen them before and it was fun - I mean it's largely Christmas music, how could I not like it. My favorite part was when it snowed on us. Yes! It snowed in the auditorium.
I can't quite classify the performance, but I think it's about:
5 parts 80s hair band
2 parts Las Vegas
1 part over the top broadway histrionics
1 part Yanni
I reserve the right to change those percentages as I think more about it.
It was fun, and I was amazed at the wide age spread. There was everything from teenagers to senior citizens attending. It was neat to see the show.
Well, time for bed for me. I had the day off today but tomorrow it's back in the routine.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Big Giant Head for Halloween

The Big Giant Head made his inaugural Halloween appearance tonight. Greg, Sharon and Mark were all working on getting him set up at one point.

We had a steady stream of trick or treaters tonight. Annie stopped by, which was fun. I believe a good time was had by all.