Monday, September 04, 2006

Altrusan of the Year and more

I have been so behind on blogging that I haven't gotten a chance to say congratulations to Shanna, who was named Altrusan of the Year on Aug. 22. Shanna is someone I've known for a long time - we both worked at Hutchinson Community College at the same time years ago. She's also on my board of directors.

Shanna is one of the reasons I stay in Altrusa. There are some wonderful ladies in that group and she is one of them. She does a ton of stuff behind the scenes for Altrusa and for many other groups.

Debbie had also arranged for January Jackson to perform for us that evening. She has a beautiful voice and was very generous to share her talent with us. She had performed for the Volunteer Center's annual dinner.
Debbie's beautiful sunflowers that we used for the decorations really perked up the room. I'm always amazed at what bright colors can do for a room. It's amazing the transformation that occurs.

Debbie did the presentation that night and did a great job. We had six nominees for Altrusan of the Year and any one of them was deserving.

Before heading out to Altrusa that night, I went to Skaets to see Steve. He stopped through Wichita on his way back to Iowa to see some baseball. He drove up to Hutch to visit with Greg a bit. I couldn't eat dinner with them but I wanted to see him. Of course, Ace Jackalope was in attendance.

On the way I was witness to an accident at Third and Severance, the same intersection where I was hit by a drunk driver a year or two ago. I know a number of people who have had accidents there, so it's obviously a dangerous intersection. I was stopped at the light, just like when I was hit, the first car in line. Thank goodness, I'm a person who always stops far behind the line because the car that was hit came to rest inches from my front bumper. If I were one of those people who pulled halfway through the intersection when I stopped I would have been involved in it. I was so thankful to avoid it.

I gave my card to both the drivers in case they needed testimony but I haven't heard from them. I don't know where the woman came from that hit this guy, but he was completely in the right. He was going through the intersection and she banged into him. Not sure if she ran a red light or turned into him. But, of course, we've all done stupid things in the car. I was just thankful to avoid the accident.


Saturday Greg and I went to Roy's for Barbecue. I think I could eat Roy's every day.

I told him I wanted to stop by Diana's store on the way home, just to see how things looked now that they were all set up. Diana moved The Dancing Grouse to 125 N. Main this past week and I went in to help some on Tuesday, but she had her reopening on Wednesday and I hadn't had a chance to see it since she was all set up. This is great space and the street scape has been finished in this block, which is a bonus.

When we popped into Diana's, I was surprised to see Becky there. It was great to see her. She moved to St. Louis last year and I've really missed her.

She and Rob had decided about four o'clock Friday afternoon to come to Hutch for the weekend. So, it was just a bonus that I happened to pop in while she was there.

To top it off, Teresa was in, so I got to see her too. She had brought in freshly made scones. Oh my gosh, they were amazing.

Greg snapped some pix of all of us together. L-R is Diana, Becky, me and Teresa.

It was so neat to see everyone. Nancy came in just as Greg and I were getting ready to leave so I got to visit with her just briefly. I also saw Austin and Amy for just a couple of minutes.

I was showing Becky, Diana and Teresa the cutest little lipstick holder I'd gotten at Target the night before in the dollar section. It's metallic pink and looks like a tiny little purse. Greg was making fun of how excited women get about such things. But, hey, I recommend you get to your local Target and pick one up as soon as possible.