Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lauren's Drawing

Jocelyn and her granddaughter, Lauren, were at Diana's on Thursday when I stopped it an lunch.

Lauren decided to draw a picture of Diana and it was pretty impressive - with arms and legs and facial features - not bad for a three year old. Of course, she does have the art gene.

Lily and the Pink Purse

I believe I've mentioned Lily's love of my pink purse. I think it's really just about the purse and not the color of it.

I always let her enjoy it whenever I pop in. Now that she can crawl, if I set it on the floor, she's there in a second.

I took these pix on Thursday.

Beautiful Saturday

It is an absolutely beautiful day in central Kansas. It's 80 degrees with a gentle breeze and bright sunshine in a perfect October sky. Did you know the skies in October are bluer than any other month? They are. You can certainly see that today here.

I spent part of the morning at the Farmer's Market, then down to the local fruit and vegetable market for more goodies. At the moment I have some black beans simmering on the stove with fresh tomatoes, shallots and garlic. I'm going to toss in some yellow and red peppers after a bit and enjoy the soup with sour cream and salsa later. Maybe I'll make some cornbread to go with it.

I'm enjoying a season of home over the next few months and today is day one of that. Seemed appropriate to cook something from scratch for this particular day.

New Spam High/Low

Today I got my first piece of spam in FRENCH. As if it's not sufficient they stuff my mail box with languages I actually understand, now they're starting on ones I study. Spanish can't be far behind. I'm guessing spam filters won't do a darned thing for those and they can't even catch all that are in English.

And... gosh... all the French I've taken and I can determine something is spam... What an accomplishment...