Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toy Depot Story for Hutchinson Magazine

A few weeks ago I went and interviewed Mark Buckley, the owner of the Toy Depot, a new store in Hutchinson. It was for a story in Hutchinson Magazine's upcoming issue.

The store is so incredibly cool, with floor to ceiling shelves filled with "vintage" toys. I put vintage in quotes because everyone's definition of that varies. Suffice it to say that whatever you remember from your childhood, you can find it there.

It was so cool in there I couldn't resist taking some photos and put together this little slide show of some of the photos and a quote from Mark. He loves trains and there's a whole room of them there.

When the magazine is published, I'll add a link to it here. The professional photos from Deborah Walker in the magazine will be much better than my little snapshots. But hopefully this gives you a flavor of it.

It was a very fun story. And the store is well worth a visit.

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