Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Life seems to be in overdrive all the time. How can that be? I swear I have gotten rid of all the things I don't truly enjoy in my life and it's still overflowing.

I went nomail on all my art and journaling lists because I was becoming a lurker, not a participant.

I'm developing a couple of new podcasts and that's taking some time and energy. Also, keeping up with the Art of Gracious Living cast. However, I really enjoy doing that and will keep at it.

I learned some really interesting things about podcasting in the last week. Only about 10% of internet users listen, and only about 2% of them are women. That's not good news for Art of Gracious Living at this point, but I figure it's good news down the road. Podcasting will either become the new blogging or it will disappear. Right now it's largely a geek thing - there are lots of podcasts about gaming and computers and technology and such. I think it will become far more mainstream. I'll either be very right, or very wrong, and only time will tell.

HBO extended the deal another week for "Big Love" so that's good. Trish looked over the contract with Podcaster News Network for me, so I need to get that returned to them.

Tonight is Creative Sisterhood so it will be good to see everyone. I'm working at home today for the first day in awhile, but I am working on the newsletter and need my home computer for that. It's nice to be able to do that on occasion. It's also a perfect day for hanging out clothes as it's windy. So, I put more in the washer this morning and got the ones I did last night out on the line. I love days like this.