Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Do

Greg and I went to Carey Park for a walk late today. I had intended to go in the afternoon for a few minutes, but it was after five by the time we went. I'm trying to walk every day for a bit to stay active and avoid blood clots. They're a danger for six weeks after surgery - today is four weeks - but generally only for people who are not ambulatory. So, I'm making sure I'm ambulatory.

I'm starting to feel like getting quite a bit done each day, which is nice. I have a to-do list for tomorrow that I think I can get all the way through. In addition to MHA things, I have some personal projects I want to get finished. Always more to do than I have time and energy for it seems.

I'm hoping I sleep well tonight. I haven't the last two nights and am starting to really need a good night's sleep. Maybe tonight is the magic night.

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