Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gardens and Fresh Food

I've had two full days of garden tour work. Things are so hectic leading up to the event. It happens Sunday and I am looking forward to Monday and not having this hanging over my head. I'm hoping it goes well.

I had hoped to get a couple more things done today but I ran out of time. It was almost 5 when I got to the bank, and I had to do a couple of personal errands too.

The golfers start arriving on Monday for the US Senior Open in Hutchinson. Although my house is not anywhere near the Prairie Dunes golf course, I want to get my lawn mowed so it looks nice just in case the TV crews do some sweeping views down the streets. You never know and I do live on one of the main east/west streets. I had to have my lawn mower repaired, so I wanted to go pay for it today so my handyman can pick it up later to mow the lawn on Monday.

I called Sondra after that because I was so ready to have some fun and do something not related to the tour. I asked her to go have dinner but she invited me over and whipped up dinner instead. Sondra is amazing. I love it that she is so welcoming, but I don't want to put her out either. She made some great tuna salad. I went to the store for some chips and we had a wonderful dinner. It was delicious and she just always has great stuff on hand.

At my house you're likely to find some basics, but Sondra always has amazing food in the house, ready to be enjoyed. Sondra is a great cook and a generous hostess. She's always happy to see you. We made plans to go to Roys tomorrow for lunch. Hopefully that will work out.

In my own little garden, my tomato plants have gone wild in the last couple of days. I didn't go out there last night but when I went out tonight about 9 they look like they've grown about six inches in the last 48 hours. The tomatoes, basil and cucumbers are doing great. The bell pepper plant is the same size as when I put them in and looks like it could keel over at any moment. I guess I should just pull it out and throw it away.

Well, I have a few more things to do for the tour, so I need to get back to that. It's almost 1 a.m. and I've been going since 6 this morning. Just a couple more things and I can get some rest.