Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Harvest Decoration

This is the home of one of my blog readers, Nancy. I bumped into her while I was visiting family, and later my sister in law pointed out Nancy's lawn decorations. Barlow, Kentucky was having a fall decorating contest. On my way out of town the other morning I stopped by to get a quick photo of Nancy's because they were so pretty.

She really went all out. It was really cool looking. I didn't really capture it in these photos - it wasn't the best time of day to get a photo there. Nancy doesn't know I dropped by, so I guess she'll get a surprise when she logs on today.

I don't do a lot of fall decoration because I'm already in Christmas mode at this point. I haven't started putting anything out, but I'm thinking about it. And when I was in Kentucky I brought back some of my day-after-Christmas bargains I didn't have room to bring back earlier. Mary Ann and Jackie had kept them safely in their garage for me.

Most of these are outdoor decorations. I've never done much outdoor stuff. When Greg and I lived together he did the outside and I did the inside. However, he doesn't seem to think it's his job to crawl around on my roof anymore attaching Santas and lights and reindeer.

The things I brought back are mostly things that go in the yard so I can put those out myself. We'll see if that actually gets done. I hope so. I want it to. I love to see them in other people's yards. I'll have to see how much maintenance that requires.

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