Friday, December 30, 2005

Rainbow Beauty

This afternoon about 4 o'clock, we were treated to an amazing sight - a double rainbow. It was incredible.

It went all the way across the sky, clearly defined. I've only ever seen one or two double rainbows before. I couldn't get a shot of the whole thing because my camera doesn't have a wide enough lens.

We didn't know about it, but BC came down and told Mary Ann. She ran in to tell me. We were looking out the living room window and when I went outside to take pix I realized it was a double rainbow.

I went back in to let Mary Ann know so she could come outside and see it too.

For the briefest of moments, there was the beginning of yet another rainbow on the left. You can see it faintly in the photo below. It's just to the left of the main one, about where the trees start. It was faint, but clearly visible, but it never fully developed.

Bits of An Old Life

I hit the road today to catch bits and pieces of old lives I've lived. I guess that's as good a way as any to say it.

My destination was Murray, where I spent my first year of college and where my Aunt LaVerne is buried. I wanted to put new flowers on her grave and just see what had changed in the town since I was there a couple of years ago.

On the way I stopped in Mayfield at the Happy House Restaurant. I was just driving by and saw it and thought - hey, that looks like a place I would like - so drove around the block and visited.

It is the home of Mayfield citizen Howard Happy, who owned an office supply company. The house was built in 1937 and has been a restaurant for about 20 years.

I had the chicken with curry dressing. Dressing was Hellman's mayo with curry in it. Really, it was quite delicious. The chicken was shredded white meat, and there were grapes, almonds and other goodies there. It came with the dressing piled on top of the meat so you could mix in as much or as little as you wanted.

When I saw it on the menu I was instantly reminded of my favorite lunch at Angelina's Tea Room in Paris - the curried chicken salad. They're not the same food, but both are good.

I love the south. Other places note what sort of fine wines they have. Here they noted on the menu that they use only Hellman's Mayonnaise. So do I. Great minds think alike. I'm brand loyal to very few things, but that's one of them.

Anyway, it was a very pleasant diversion. I enjoyed the salad and finished off with a cup of chamomile tea. If I lived in Mayfield this would be a regular stop, as it was for many of the others in there. The staff knew them by name.

I give the Happy House a high rating. The food was good, the staff excellent, the service great and the surroundings charming.

I went on to Murray and did my business there. I had planned to hit the library on campus, assuming they'd have a wireless connection I could tap into. However, it's Christmas break. So, I decided to head on down/up the road to Paducah and go to the library there, where I know there's a good connection.

Unfortunately, their wireless connnection was not working. I did, however, get on another one. The signal wasn't great but I did get a few things done. I needed to upload another podcast and had not realized that I still needed to download some files for converting to mp3 format. I was able to get that done there.

Also met a gentleman there and had a pleasant chat about various computer things. I was downloading and uploading while we were talking - always in a race before the battery dies.

I was reminded of how much I do not know about computer and technology. I wish I knew more. I'm really just a geek wanna be.