Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tonight during dinner at Skaets we noticed the oddest thing - it was raining in the street, but not on the sidewalk. You always know the line of rain has to begin and end somewhere, you just don't expect to be able to identify the exact spot.

After we had finished, Lisa mentioned there was a beautiful rainbow. I ran out to look at it. We were near the fairgrounds, and there wasn't a great foreground, but I couldn't resist snapping a pic with my phone (Palm Treo 755p).

It seems I spent the whole day running from one thing to another, without having a chance to catch my breath, so that was a nice way to end the day.

I've been working on things for the MHA's Victorian Tea on August 9. There are so many little details to handle. But, today I got the mail and found a check for a ticket had already come in. The only promotion I've done was in the garden tour booklet but this woman went ahead and ordered, which is great. And it's a new person, too, so that's very cool.

Those are always fun events. I enjoy doing them, although there's always a moment when I look around and think I'm living in a fantasy land that I think I can get it all done. But, with lots of volunteers and great board members it always comes together.

Last year we sold out and had regulars who were disappointed. I'm hoping people order their tickets early this year so we don't run into that problem.
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