Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Addictomatic Yourself

OK, admit it, you've googled yourself. And you should. Whenever I google myself I find things online I didn't know were there because I didn't put them there.

Tonight I happened across another way to achieve this that breaks down your appearance online into various categories.http://addictomatic.com/

Of course, you could search for something other than yourself... if, well, you know, you have any other interests. I did a little searching for some travel info, some tea info and a couple of other things. Just a new toy I wanted to share. OK, maybe it's an old toy and I'm the last person to know about it, but just in case...
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This has been a Monday. Wow. Definitely a Monday.

Did you know that stress is a factor in the seven leading causes of death in the US? It is. It's a real killer. Literally. 75% of doctor visits in the US have a stress component. There's a reason more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings than any other time of the week.

I have a-fib, and for me it's very stress dependent. People really, really, really stressed me out today and my heart went into a-fib. It was quite a while before it went back to normal. I wonder if they would take a sadistic pleasure in knowing they made me miserable for awhile? Fortunately, now it is normal again and I feel much better - just a little strung out.

The end of April through mid May is a difficult time for me. I always feel like I should get a medal for just getting through it with my sanity (such as it is) intact. When am I going to "get over it?" I have no idea. I'll just feel the way I feel until I don't feel that way anymore.

I wonder how the "business oriented" types handle loss. Do they just drop in for their mother's  funeral at 10 and are back at work by 11:30? I truly don't know, but that's how they act.

I'm just not built that way. Loss is serious to me. It's still fresh, although no longer raw. I don't know, and don't want to know, how to be that cavalier about it.

Check www.patsyterrell.com for the blog, art, and more.