Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pi and Pie Day

It's almost 3/14. Or written another way, that's 3.14, which is much like the number Pi, which is approximately 3.142.

(If you're trying to pull the definition out of your brain, it's the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter. I know that might have slipped the mind of anyone who's not a math geek, and doesn't happen to be in a high school geometry class right now. I recognize this is most of the world. I also accept my own geekiness in all its many forms - math being only one of them.)

In honor of pie day, I thought I'd post a photo of a pie I baked recently - the blackberry cobbler up top. But, just in case cobbler is not something that qualifies at pie in your book, here's another photo of a coconut pie meringe I made recently.

 I just made another pie Monday. It seems to be pie-baking-season in my world.

 Happy Pi/Pie Day!
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