Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late Night Callers Video from Anthony Ladesich

The Latenight Callers THE TEASE from Anthony Ladesich on Vimeo.

This is a really wonderful music video called "The Tease" from the band, The Late Night Callers. The singer, Julie Berndsen, is someone people in this area may know. Congratulations to Julie and her bandmates, and to her proud family.

I'm amazed at the production on this video - aside from the fact that the song is great - this is incredible to look at. It's an Anthony Ladesich production by Mile Deep Films. It's ultra cool - I love the setting.

Take a look and listen - it's really fantastic. How can you not like a song that includes a line, "The twisting hips of Satan?"

Debbie (Julie's mom) tells me the video was shot at the Kansas City Livestock Exchange building.

You can also see stills from the shoot here.

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Summer Fun

Sometimes the simplest of things can put a smile on your face. For some reason, today this was one of those things for me. I was cleaning out a drawer and ran across these. It was a little bit of unexpected fun all day.

It was miserably hot here today, and is supposed to be worse tomorrow. I anticipate I might spend the entire day inside. Otherwise I will be whining about the heat, and no one enjoys that - least of all, me.

I am so not a summer person. Other than sandals, I find little to recommend the entire season. Although I do love the fresh food and flowers. But, lets be honest, much of the fresh food comes along later in the season.

I have many projects I need to work on in the house, and tomorrow seems an ideal time to be doing that. I'm so thankful for air conditioning and power to run it. Oh my, I could never have been a Victorian lady - not even in today's clothing, much less the layers they had. No wonder they were always fainting.

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