Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old and New

This has been a day of old and new. I was driving to the west this afternoon as the sun was setting and this scene reminded me of that combination of extremes. Wind turbines are a more common sight on the prairie these days. They're a new way to harness a timeless power.

This morning I went to Radio Kansas to give good wishes to retiring General Manager Dave Horning. Dave hired me to do news at the radio station many years ago, and then gave me a chance to become a PR person. It has been on my mind all day that many of us were brought together in this life because Dave hired us at one time or another. I'm guessing that may be strongly felt by Anthony and Carolyn, who met at the station, who are now raising their four sons in Indiana.

Ken invited me to do an on-air interview with Dave and I wasn't at all prepared, but it was great to be on the air there again. For reasons I can't fully explain, I always feel comfortable holding a microphone. People often me what a great voice I have and I keep thinking I should be in a line of work where I'm using it more, but as of yet I haven't figured out what, exactly, that path is. I'd love to do more voice work. I really enjoy it a great deal.

I'm really happy in my new job and was really happy to be at my old work place, seeing people I used to work with, as well as new folks there. I chatted with Ric a little and Sharon quite a bit. Geralynn and I talked awhile and I said hello to other folks who are working there and who used to work there. I guess I missed Andrea by just a few minutes.

We don't always know what kind of impact we have on other lives - something worth remembering as I go through daily living. Old and new and inbetween all merge together into life.

I went over and shook Dave's hand when I was leaving and said, "Mr. Horning, I hope you throughly enjoy retirement." I don't know that I've called him "Mr. Horning" since I returned the phone call he left on my answering machine about coming out for an interview more than two decades ago, but it seemed appropriate in the circumstance. I hope nothing but wonderful things come his way in retirement.