Thursday, January 27, 2011


Had lunch today in Wichita with some fun women. Gigi, seated on the right, organized the gathering. I met her at the 140conf.

This is a great example of how online opportunities impact our IRL (in real life) worlds. Seated next to Gigi is Naomi, who I met at a blogger's conference in 2009. Behind Gigi and next to me is Lori - she and I were on the same Artist's Way list many years ago. I mean a lot of years ago - maybe 10 - maybe more - it was a yahoo group, if that gives you any idea - and they were popular then. The woman on the other side of me is Jennifer, who was at the 140conf, but who I just got to meet today for the first time, although I do follow her on Twitter. Meredith is a friend of Lori's and was the only person there today that I didn't have an online connection to - but hopefully will soon!

A few years ago I told my friend, Mark, that my online life facilitated my real life. That was before I was using Twitter and Facebook like I do now. But even then it was a way to connect with people and maintain a friendship to some degree. Now these tools enable us to extend our circles easily.

At Creative Sisterhood recently we were talking about how connecting people is a drive for me, and because of that I always want new people coming into my world. I love to connect people who share an interest or something. These tools make that even easier, which I love.

Plus, it's great to have a fun lunch breaking up a work day in Wichita!