Friday, July 29, 2005

Moving is Moving

The movers are here right now, emptying the room full of boxes of stuff that I brought from my mom's after she died. It's much more emotional for me than I expected.

I decided to get away from that and walked in to see the box of my recently-ex-bf's stuff that I need to send back to him. I just haven't been ready to do that either - not sure why - but I just haven't, even though it has been boxed up for a long time.

I didn't expect this to be emotional - I thought I was ready to deal with it - but I guess I wasn't. Oh well... no choice... I have to. Seems that's how much of life works - you do things when you have to. And I now have to.

Personality Soup

My committee was in charge of the Altrusa meeting for our local group on Tuesday night. We called it "Alphabet Personality Soup" and did a personality test.

My hope is that if people know how other people see the world that they can better understand then.

I will compile all the info on which type each person is and publish it in our newsletter.

This is Jan on the right - she's our president - and is one of the people who went to Puerto Rico. On the left is Mary Ann, who will be president for the next two years, starting in June.