Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Big Five

I'm a O95-C47-E95-A38-N4 Big Five!!

Working on the House

I've been working on the house today - moving things around and trying to prepare to get the floors done. It is a big job and I'm so weary of moving things. In a little over three years I've moved my household once and my office four times. It's a lot of moving. Even though I had a ton of help from friends - not the least of which was my former bf who was a huge help - I am worn out from packing and moving and doing it again.

I'm trying to find places for all my little "pretties" that are sitting out on shelves. Obviously, those shelves have to be moved off the floors. I'm putting some things on the mantel and I do have some shelves that are mounted on the wall so things can be set on them too.

I guess I'll take all my computer stuff to my office while the floors are being done. That way I can use it there, since I do a lot of work on my home system. It will also keep it from getting dusty.

I have some painting I want to do before the floors are done, too. I love to use carpet as drop cloth and then just rip it out and throw it away. I cannot express how happy I will be to have my home carpet free. I despise carpet. It is the nastiest, filthiest concept anyone has ever come up. How they ever sold it to the American public, I don't know.

Hasn't everyone seen what a throw rug looks like after being walked on for a week? It's disgusting. Tacking it down at the edges - like carpet - does not keep it from getting dirty.

Anyone who has ever ripped up carpet should want to stay as far away from it as possible. It's gross, gross, gross. I don't have any downstairs, but still have two rooms upstairs and the stairway and upstairs hallway. I will be so happy to have it all gone.

Tonight I went to dinner with Sondra. That was a really nice break. It's always good to see her and she's the only person who understands the house thing. She is nearing the end of refurbishing her old house and it's charming.

I was thinking the other day that I'm guessing most of my friends probably think I'm nuts for buying this place that needed so much work. The plumber told me later that he thought I'd lost my mind when he was first in it. I'm guessing his reaction may have been "the norm." But, I love the challenge - as long as it's not so overwhelming I get stymied.

As I was driving home from dropping Sondra off I saw Jesse walking, so I asked if he wanted a ride. He's always such a pleasant sight. I've known Jesse for almost 20 years now - I met him through Mark when they both worked at the same place. He doesn't drive, but walks all over town. Anyway, if I happen to see him I always offer him a ride. He's such a pleasant guy - always in a good mood. He was headed over to a friend's so I took him there but they weren't home so I took him on to his family's house a few blocks away.

I also asked Jesse if he could think of anyone who could use a little extra cash that could help me do a few odd jobs around here. I just don't have time to get everything done I'd like to get done before the floors are done so I'm in hyper drive now. I need some help. And it seems nearly impossible to find someone who has time to do small jobs. Everyone wants the big jobs, but no one wants to do the small stuff. Anyway, Jesse knows tons of people so maybe he'll come up with someone who would want to help. I hope so.

I've also been playing with my PDA today. I am a new user and, frankly, much of this is gobbledy-gook to me. I can't figure out why what's on the PDA is not showing up on the desktop when I sync them. I have it set to overwrite the desktop, but there are appointments on the PDA that are not showing up on the desktop so it seems logical to me that if the PDA blew up that those appointments would not be visible to me. I don't know. But I know it's starting to make my brain hurt. That means it's probably enough for today.

I've had quite a few votes on the glasses, but I'm still taking your comments and votes. :) I'm undecided, still.

Well, I'd best get back to working on the house... stuff doesn't move itself... even if you twitch your nose.

Happy Fourth of July

Monday is the Fourth of July - a time for patriotism, barbecues and parades. Ace Jackalope is already decked out for the holiday.

I'll be spending the morning of the parade helping out with a couple of different floats and handing out lemonade at the Women's Civic Center.