Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tired Pup

I am a tired pup tonight, but I've accomplished many things in the last week. While I was in Kentucky I finished a couple of MHA projects I needed to get done, as well as an Altrusa thing. But, spending a night with no sleep and then standing in the cold to get Clinton tickets, and driving 1300 miles in less than a week has worn me out a bit. I think after a good night's sleep tonight I'll be feeling normal again.

And - good thing - because tomorrow we go to see President Clinton in Manhattan and then again in Topeka. I'm sure all will go smoothly getting from one place to another because we've done a lot of planning for it, but it has taken some energy.

The other morning when I left my brother's I made a quick stop in Barlow, Kentucky. Barlow was my address the first 17 years of my life, and is the small town closest to the farm where I grew up. On the main corner in Barlow was the hardware store on the corner - run by Miss Mary Nave. Next to it was the drugstore. Now the hardware store is gone and the drugstore looks not to be far behind. I couldn't resist snapping a photo. Whoever owns the building has removed the false front that was on it for years, exposing a hand painted sign which is quite the time capsule.

When I approached the Kentucky-Illinois bridge between Wickliffe and Cairo the sun was just peeking from behind a cloud. I had thought about stopping by the river briefly, but that sealed the deal. I turned left instead of right, which would have taken me toward home, and drove the winding road to the riverfront. I arrived just in time to grab a few shots before the sun broke through and ruined the effect. I was literally back in the car and turning around when the sun popped out so I got my few pictures just in the nick of time. I lead a charmed life.

This is the same spot I showed a day or two ago, where the rivers run together. But I shot this from further away from the edge. But, I'm glad I went ahead and shot. I didn't know it, but I didn't have time to walk to the water's edge - I would have missed it if I'd tried.