Saturday, May 09, 2009

Constant Motion

I've been in constant motion since 7:40 this morning. Isn't that how everyone's Saturday goes. I woke up an hour earlier, but stayed in bed thinking surely I would go back to sleep.

At 8 we bought tickets for some State Fair shows we wanted to see. We ended up with decent seats.

Then I started my day of working around the house. I discovered ants were in my kitchen cabinet. So, I've been trying to figure out where they're getting in and caulking their little entry ways. And, of course, washing every single dish in the cabinet. I've been taking them dishes of the dishwasher and stacking them on the dining room table until I make sure I've gotten rid of the ants and disinfected the cabinets.

I have this odd mix of cleaning habits. My house is almost always cluttered and "lived in." The linens I bought at the MCC sale three weeks ago are still piled in a chair by the door if that gives you any idea. But, germs are another matter. I can't handle the idea that anything food related might be germy. So, the cabinet will have to be washed down and then redone with a bleach solution to kill anything that might linger there before the dishes can go back in.

I understand the ants are bad - probably because they're being flooded out. I wish I knew ant-speak to put up a sign that said, "Danger - No Buddhists Live Here." But, I don't know ant-speak.

Jason came over this afternoon and worked diligently for three hours. He got down a lot of the landscape cloth, although there's more I want to get put down. But he got the majority of it. I worked a little bit more in the yard late in the day but not much - it's just not comfortable for me to bend over for extended periods of time.

Besides, I was occupied in the house - not just with the kitchen, but in my office. I've made a big mess so far. About all I've accomplished is to drag some of the piles out of the office and into the dining room. Ultimately, the furniture I have in here isn't working well. What I really need is a room about three times the size of this one, but since I don't have that I need to make better use of what I do have. My office, where I spend a huge amount of time, is one of the smallest rooms of my house, but it's the logical place for the office to be. Fewer piles would definitely help things. But, there's not much in this room that doesn't belong in here. It's just that there isn't enough room for it all.

But, my time is getting precious enough that I need to make sure all my freelance and consulting things are run as efficiently as possible. Getting the office in tip-top shape will help that.

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