Friday, April 28, 2006

Tonight I was at the Rolling Hills Refuge near Salina. We only got to enjoy the museum tonight but I want to come back and attend the zoo portion too.

The museum is filled with taxidermed animals. I'm not generally a big fan of stuffed critters, but this is well done.

This was part of the Altrusa District Conference. This is my third conference and it's really nice to see people I've met in previous years and really enjoy.

I wonder if any of these relationships could develop into real friendships. That has happened with some of the people in my local group, but it's harder with people from other clubs that I only see once every year.

Speaking of friendships, Trish and I had an incredible lunch the other day - not the food, the conversation. I connect with her in ways I don't connect with anyone else. I've thought a lot about why that is in the last few days. It's that she has no pretense. I figured that out only today. Trish has absolutely no pretense about her - none - she just is who she is. She's very kind and very generous, and beyond that she is completely accepting of people from all walks of life. I will try to learn more from her about being without pretense. It's good to have such a model in my life.

I'm thinking a lot about different friendships these days - what restores me and what taxes me. I have to say all of my friendships are very, very, very positive. We all go through times when we are more "needy," me included. But, overall, my friends are a real joy to me. I am blessed.