Thursday, October 06, 2011

Old Fashioned Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter allow us to easily connect with people down the street or around the world. A few days ago I spotted this and realized it was old-fashioned social media. We just had to go to it, instead of it coming to us via computer. The world changes.
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Steve Jobs is Dead

I have never owned an Apple product, but I feel the loss of Steve Jobs. He created Apple in a garage and grew into a multi billion dollar business. The reason he was able to do that is that he was a true visionary.

Vision is something you cannot teach. People come into the world with it or they don't.

I've had the honor of working closely with someone who's vision was daily building something in their sphere of influence. I've had the disappointment of working with someone in a place built on vision, who had none of their own. And I learned from both of them...

Vision is a gift of the universe. It is not a skill learned in a class.

Steve Jobs was a true man of vision. The world is profoundly changed because he was in it.

We should all hope to change the world positively because we passed through it. He did it on a grand scale. Maybe we can all do it in our own small ways.

To be present on the Earth at the same time as someone who impacts it so tremendously is amazing. Steve Jobs was a true visionary.

Vision. A gift.

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