Sunday, January 29, 2006

Art of Gracious Living Podcast

A new podcast is available at the following link. It is about indulging ourselves with small luxuries in daily life. Mine include perfume and stationery.

(PCN #7)

Spiritual Fair

I went to Wichita to the Spiritual Fair today. Diana was taking a group over but had a van full of people, so I decided to drive over on my own. I had a couple of errands to do anyway. Turned out I didn't get any of those done as I spent all day at the fair - 10-5.

I had seven different readings today. Each was interesting and some were "right on." What was most incredible was the overlap between them.

Dan Higgins does two kinds of readings, and I did both today. Both were right on target.

The first one I did was finding your animal spirits. It was so very "me" that it was a little hard to believe. For those who know me well, lets just say that the words, "the world is black and white - there is NO gray" came up. Other pertinent things were a sense of humor, fun, and a sense of right and wrong and exposing secrets. Can you say "journalist?"

I also had a reading from Jo Flowers, who is well known, and always recommended. Her whole reading to me was about business and making money with my blog, podcasts and other things that allow me to be me.

That was backed up by other readings I had as well.

The other thing that came up over and over was that I need to stop giving so much to other people and receive. As Dan put it in one of the readings, "you recharge yourself near rivers, but you should not give so much that you need to recharge."

I was careful today to share very little with readers, letting them just tell me what they wanted to tell me. It was amazing how on target a lot of it was - like the river comment.

I was also told by more than one reader that I was very high energy and very intuitive. I knew both of those things already, but today they talked with me about how to channel those things.

After the fair, Teresa and I went to have some dinner at Yia Yia's. We hadn't been there in awhile and it was good. We had the gnocchi and the chocolate souffle. I had pasta as an entree but brought most of it home. It will be great to have it tomorrow for lunch.

All in all it was an interesting day. I'm going to journal about it a bit tonight and see what else comes up. I'm all the more certain that my instincts to pull back from things not related to writing and recording are correct.