Friday, January 04, 2008

I took Jim to the hospital to see Mattie today. She looks much better. A couple of days ago when I was there she was just zonked out sleeping. But, I decided if I had tubes down my nose, pumping my stomach, I'd just as soon be sleeping through it too, so didn't wake her. They've decided no surgery will be necessary - that her bowels "went to sleep" and are now functioning again. She will have some dietary restrictions, but will probably go home Saturday.

Jim and I made it fine. I didn't have any trouble getting the wheelchair in or out of the blazer, and it rolls so nicely that I nearly zipped him too fast down the hallway. I told him he nearly took a ride like at a roller coaster. Hopefully I would have caught him before he hit the wall at the end of the hallway. At least when I think about the "what if" that's how it works - I catch him in plenty of time. I think I noticed his hand hovering near the brake on the return trip. And who could blame him?

He doesn't need the chair except when going a distance. And, as you know, everywhere you go in a hospital is a distance. I guess they figure they'll make you exercise one way or the other.

He was enjoying the pumpkin bread I made yesterday. I didn't eat any, but he tells me it's pretty good.

When I left his house it was near sunset and it looked like it was going to be a nice one, so I headed to Wickliffe to get it over the water. I didn't have time to get to Cairo to the river before it set, which would have been my preference. Unfortunately, they're really ruined the river shoreline in Wickliffe with these monstor docks with lights and all. I wish cities wouldn't let that sort of thing happen. I know... commerce... business... yadda yadda yadda... ugly. Anyway - no cool photo from there, but I did snap this tree on top of a hill before the sun really set.

When I got back to Mary Ann and Jackie's, Bob was here with the puppy. Drake is a bundle of energy - chewing energy - people, paper, hair (namely mine), toes, shoes, fingers (Jackie's), socks (anyone's), chair legs, whatever. But he's just so darned cute. He has grown since I've been here. I'm sure when I see him next he will be huge by comparison.

BC also stopped by tonight. He's in the newspaper this week so we were looking at that and just talking. He's one of my favorite people on the planet. He has always been really personable - even as a little kid. Hard to believe he's 17 - 18 in just a few months.

I've been out to try and see the meteor shower once already, but couldn't see it. I'm going to check again in a few minutes and see if it has moved up the horizon a bit and maybe I'll be able to see it. Unfortunately, we have a few clouds here tonight - that part of the sky mostly. But, maybe I'll get lucky and see some. If not, I guess I'll get lucky and get more sleep than I originally thought. Either way I win, I suppose.

Travel Shopping

I'm doing a  little travel shopping - you know, just considering some as yet undetermined destinations I could fly to at some as yet undetermined dates for some as yet undetermined periods of time. OK... so some women like clothes and jewelry. I like airline tickets and half off Christmas stuff. We all have our vices - they could be worse than glittered holly leaves and entry visas. Really. Much worse.

No matter how many times I see it, I'm still amazed by it. How can it possibly make any sense that I can fly to Barcelona, Spain for less money than it takes to fly to Bangor, Maine? Do the people in Bangor know this? Do they not want us to come there? Is that why it's so expensive to get there? I swear - $603 from KC to Barcelona and $625 to Bangor. I'm not making it up.

I've never been to either place, but in my continual quest for different, Barcelona would win that contest. But... the question is always where else could that money take me instead... Where... Where... Where...