Monday, October 31, 2005

Roe v. Wade

Well, we have a new supreme court nominee. And, big surprise, it's a very conservative one. The talking heads are going on about how this will most certainly be all about Roe v. Wade.

People... pay attention... NO ONE in political office is really interested in overturning Roe v. Wade. I don't care what they say - they are NOT interested - Republican, Democrat, conservative, independent or liberal. ESPECIALLY not the conservatives who talk about it the loudest.

Are you all too dense to see that no republican wants it overturned because as long as it's in place, they can get your vote, despite how incredibly incompetent they may be, as long as they blather on about how much they want it overturned.

VOTERS... we have really important things going on in this country. Stop giving all this credit to an issue that's a non-issue. When the effort is really mounted to overturn it, lets get excited about it then. Until then, lets stop giving it this much attention. Between the abortion debate, which has been raging for decades with absolutely no push to do anything real; and the gay marriage debate, which got started as soon as the abortion debate started declining - we can't seem to get anything important done in this country. Who thinks it's a bad idea for people who've made a committment to each other to have some legal rights? What kind of sense does that make? And with the hetrosexual divorce rate over 50% for decades I'm sure glad the "sanctity of marriage" is intact. "Until death do us part" is another way of saying "until something better comes along." I better stop or I'll get started a rant other than the one I'm already in.

While the populace is focused on these things we're borrowing money from China like there's no tomorrow (and, of course there's not going to be at this rate) and there's a nutburger with nuclear weapons in North Korea (we think Iraq is a security risk - please, a little reality). We're fighting a war about nothing on two fronts. (I thought it was about oil but since prices continue to rise I must be wrong about that. So, it's about nothing. It's sure as hell not about 9-11 and terror when we're not fighting those responsible.) Meanwhile, we are letting our own people die in the streets after disasters, not to mention slow deaths that happen every day in the US from hunger.

Did you know that 281 children died in Wichita last year from starvation? Yes, starvation. In Wichita - little city of less than 300,000. While you're out arguing about Roe v. Wade being overturned, you could be focusing your energy on saving children that are already here. Actions speak louder than words so I guess what that says is that it's fine for them to die of starvation once they're born - no problems there - but they HAVE to be born so they can suffer and die a slow, horrible death. How humane. No wonder you voted for people who let New Orleans residents die in the streets.

Stop wasting all this energy on this bullshit. Accept that none of the representatives you've voted to put into office because they wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade have done a single thing to make that happen. Wake up. They are not interested. They're lying to you. If anyone were really that interested, this issue would have been discussed somewhere other than in the press for decades.

And once you wake up, put your energies toward something important, something that's actually going to happen. Make your representatives deal with real problems. Oh, and since we're getting such a late start, you might brush up on your Chinese too.