Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Curtis Cafe in Stafford Kansas

The Curtis Cafe in Stafford, Kansas, is well worth a stop. In fact, it's worth making a special trip for.

Ruth is the third generation to run the place, and her sons are learning the business now so hopefully it will be four generations.

Her mother's presence is still very much alive in the Curtis Cafe. The walls in both rooms are covered with puzzles she put together.

Ruth told me there are more than 400 of them on the walls, and her mother always told people that she never bought one. People would give them to her so the subject matter varies dramatically.

The puzzles are interspersed with other tidbits, including some needlework and some newspaper clippings. Occasionally you'll see a poster tacked up over a puzzle, as if the puzzle is the wallpaper.

Ruth said her mother kept a puzzle table set up and she would invite customers to add a piece - particularly strangers that might happen upon the cafe.

It's a place well worth a visit. My breakfast total was $5.05 with tax. It included bacon - real bacon fried in a pan, hash browns - that had something to do with a potato in their recent past, and toast. I had them hold the eggs since I don't like eggs, so they reduced my ticket to compensate for that. But, the meal complete with eggs is still a bargain - $5.45 before tax.

Make plans for a visit soon. I didn't get to sample it myself, but I understand there is homemade pie!

I was kind of sorry there wasn't a table where this stranger could add a puzzle piece, but I guess progress comes to every establishment and those days have passed.

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