Sunday, May 27, 2007

Phone Decisions

I'm getting ready to replace my phone. Again.

I'm considering the new Treo 755 so I can combine two devices - the phone and PDA. I've looked at the Blackberry but user forums indicate people are overall happier with the Treo and the idea of being able to use the Palm OS is appealing since I'm already familiar with it.

Frankly, I hate the whole process. There's always something I forget to take into account when I get a new phone and therefore something I miss once it's too late and the new phone is already in my possession.

I can already tell that I'm giving up the ability to use analog roam this time around. It's not an option on very many phones anymore. So I have to decide how important that is to me compared to what else I'd be giving up by getting one that still can get an analog signal. Always trade offs.

Ultimately, as with any technology purchase, you just have to jump in and know you'll be disappointed shortly. In eight weeks whatever you buy will be passe and
the latest version will be far superior. But in the meantime I need a phone that works better than the one I have. So, there you go.