Sunday, November 19, 2006

Candy Canes!

Friday I had volunteers come in and tape little tags to candy canes that we handed out in the Christmas parade Saturday morning. This is always a good event for us, but it does require some prep work.

The first part of it is buying the candy canes when they're on sale after Christmas! I run a non profit, so I have to get a deal on them in order to be able to do this event.

It went very well. Gary and Peggy walked for the first time, handing out candy canes. Jesse, Joey and their nephew, Chris did as well. And, of course, Greg did. We never seem to have enough people. I'm not sure how many that would take. It's a fun event.

There are some great volunteers who come in to help with various projects, and Doris is one of my favorites. She has done so many things for me over the years. They were teasing me that I was probably the only person who would ask for taping mini-flyers onto candy canes.

Other than what I had to do to get ready, I've been in bed. I have a respitory infection and haven't felt the greatest. I called the doc for some antibiotics on Friday and am feeling better with those in my system, but I will be glad when I am well again.

I hardly ever get sick and this is the second time I've had this in about three months. Hopefully this will be it for being sick for me for the whole winter, plus some.

I got all my test results back from the recent physical, and all was good. Cholesterol was 104, sugar was 100, everything all normal. I have a mammogram in January - hopefully that will come back normal as well. And I see the eye doctor Monday. I think I'll be getting new glasses because I know I'm spending way too much time lifting these to see something close. That means a new prescription. I'm just glad I live in a time when I can get such a thing.

I'm working on Christmas cards, trying to gather the addresses I need to find for various people I've met in the past year that aren't already in the files. I used to hand address all my cards, but a few years ago started using the computer. Otherwise I just wouldn't get it done. I realize it's not as personal, but there you go. I also do one of those letters that are loved by some and hated by others. Again, not as personal, but I simply am not going to write 300 notes into cards. So, it's a compromise.

At this point, the rush is to get the ones out that have invitations in them for timely events. Others can go out anytime between now and Christmas.

I know cards have become a less common thing, but I really think they're something people love to get.