Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Opinion Sought

I rarely write about work here. In fact, people who don't know me in real life sometimes ask me if I have a job. I assure you I do - a full time one. I run a Mental Health America affiliate in my county. It's a job that offers tremendous potential to be involved in people's lives in a meaningful way. I like it on many different levels.

There are more than 300 affiliates around the country and at the moment we're all engaged in a research project that's pretty interesting. Anyone can participate in it and it's pretty quick - about 10 minutes. No personal information is gathered - they're not even asking for your name.

We're surveying people to find out attitudes about mental wellness throughout the nation. What we learn will help shape our messages and determine our focus as we encourage people to be mentally well.

You can participate and help us out by taking the survey at the link below. Feel free to forward it to family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else you can think of.



I am weary. I think I've just been on the go too much this month. And, of course, I've been worried about my brother, Jackie. However, he seems to be progressing well. They moved him into cardiac rehab late Sunday so things are moving in the right direction. Tonight they're checking him for sleep apnea, so we'll see how that goes. Overall, it seems positive.

I realized today I was just moving through my tasks rather zombie like. I got quite a few things accomplished, but I'm moving slowly and not exactly at top speed.

Tonight Teresa and I went out to dinner and it was nice to chat with her. It seems like it has been forever since we've had time to talk.She has been occupied with things and I've been gone so much.

This weekend I have a tea to attend on Sunday but otherwise I'm free so I think I'll try to rest. I say that, knowing that I'll probably be working on Christmas things. There's always something to do.

I did go haul the tree out of the shed tonight. It's laying in the back yard in it's big "body bag." I want to give all the brown recluse spiders time to find other places to live before I bring it in.

I now know two people who've been bitten by those things - Diana and Angie. Diana was sick for months and Angie ended up having to have surgery. So, I've started taking them a bit more seriously and put a little extra effort into avoiding them.