Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrapping Up

I spent the day rushing from one thing to another, trying to tidy up end of the year things for the MHA and also get last minute Christmas cards out. I know they probably won't get there by Christmas, but so it goes. I used a different system this year, and it had some flaws. Ooops.

We went out to look at Christmas lights tonight and capped off the evening with a moon burger at Skaets. The moon burger was named in honor of the moon landing, back in 1969, and is still on the menu. I guess that's how you know something is a classic. It comes with bacon, cheese and mayo on it. I like grilled onions with mine.

Lisa is one of my favorite people at Skaets. Tonight she, along with everyone else working there, was sporting one of these cool Santa hats. They have some definite spring to them.

I really want more Christmas season. I want more time to enjoy the lights and music and decorations. This is why I always want to start early - it just ends too soon for me.

I've been wrapping a couple of last minute gifts tonight. No matter when I get started, I'm still wrapping on Christmas eve. I can always think of one more little thing I'd like to get someone.

Well, I need to sleep a bit. I'm so glad tomorrow is Saturday. I have accomplished a ton of things this week.

And I just finished a cup of hot chocolate, complete with little marshmallows, so my Christmasy evening is wrapping up.