Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creative Sisterhood

Tonight was Creative Sisterhood. I made Lemon Curd Tarts and iced tea. Generally we have hot tea but it has been over 100 here so many days in a row I've lost track and anything hot did not sound appetizing.

I'm one of those people who's always cold and even I am hot. So, I can't imagine how miserable everyone else is. It's supposed to cool off to the 90s in a few days and that sounds like relief.

Of course, I had a ton of running around to do today so was in and out of the car a bazillion times. But, I got a lot of things done. Enough that I am hoping tomorrow is a day when I get to relax a little bit. I want to paint. And relax.

At Creative Sisterhood tonight my topic was that my life seems really dull these days - a lot of sameness - a lack of fun, unique, interesting things going on. I'm not sure how to address that, but I need to.

Kansas Dialogue is a little over a week away and I haven't done any of the things I'm going to do for it yet. So, I need to spend some time working on that. Seems there's always something on the horizon that I am about to miss a deadline on.

Well, time for me to rest. I am weary tonight for some reason. Of course, it is 1:23 a.m. so I suppose it is time to be tired.