Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Day

Today was the first day I've spent much time in the office in a few days and it was a bit wild. But, we all survived it and I think nothing bad happened to anyone. So, all in all a good day, but a busy one.

I got my pitch assignment for the writer's conference today. Essentially, I get a few minutes with a New York editor, to "pitch" them a book. The goal is for them to say, "send it." It has to be something that's complete, so I'm pitching a small gift book I've written. Even if they aren't interested in this book, I figure it will be good experience for the future.

Of course, all of this as it seems self-publishing is gaining in popularity all the time. But, I feel the need to explore options. I'm incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity, and I want to make the most of it.

I'm considering making my Kansas Country Living columns available through Kindle, year by year. I've been intending to make a book for years now, and got their permission, but have never done it.

It seems this might be a good option since Kindle books are available on Kindles, computers and smart phones. Then when people ask me about something they could simply go buy the book and have their own copy. If I ever get a little time, I'm going to experiment with one year and see how it goes.

That's one of those projects that would be perfect to do on a weekend away. When I was in Ramona I was struck by how much focus one can achieve when removed from all the trappings of daily life. Whatever needs doing in your house is not available for you to do so there's no point thinking about it. That frees you up to think about other projects. Of course, there are always so many projects on my plate it's hard to focus on just one of them. But, finding those blocks of time is something I must do.

I'm thankful I have so many ideas I want to bring to fruition. But, I also know I need to have time to let my brain rest a bit. It's restorative to have time when I'm not working on any of my various projects. It's just hard for me to be in my house and not be doing something. But I also need to find blocks of time for relaxing.

I'm sure it will all work out nicely. It always does.

Many interesting things are going on in my life. It's a fun time, waiting to see what happens next.