Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mid Winter Dialogue

Marci Penner played host to the Mid Winter Dialogue group tonight at "The Barn." It was a fun evening with about 40 people attending.

Kansas Dialogue is modelled after Clinton's Renaissance weekends. It happens each August. This was the third year for a mid winter get together. I've been unable to attend either of the others, so this was my first time at one of these.

We were instructed to sit down and then the "waiters" came around and tied bibs on each of us. It was quite the production. Eric was having a bit of fun with Sheila about how tight it should be tied.

We were told to keep our drinks and such at the edge of the table. We were soon to find out why.

This is Lon, who's hosting us in Colby this August. I'm really looking forward to seeing his farm. It sounds amazing. Tonight he was wearing a chef hat instead of a farm hat.

Marci had music to accompany each part of the process. She was the director of tonight's extravaganza.

It was a fun night with much laughter and fun, as well as some interesting conversation.

The topic we discussed tonight was the rural/urban parts of Kansas - can we find some common ground.

The aftermath of our feast was not the most attractive thing I've ever seen, but clean up was a breeze.

Is this a prime example of "Many hands make light work?"