Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have made an important decision. It's not one of the typical, potentially life-altering decisions you might think, but it's an important one in my little corner of the world. And I'm stating it publicly right now. Next weekend - March 17/18 - I am going to finish the library. I have been talking about it and putzing around with it for so long I'm boring myself whenever I think about it, much less talk about it. So, next weekend I'm just going to finish it and be done with it.

I'm not sure what the deal is but I've developed some sort of weird mental block about this room. I thought it was getting the shelves put together so I hired Austin to do that, but I still didn't get in there and finish the room. I have some "issue" with it - maybe that I'm not sure I really want to keep all the cookbooks I'm creating a room to hold. Whatever it is, next weekend I'm putting it to the side and getting my ass in gear and getting the room done. I have eight more days to nurture my weirdness about it and then it will be time for action and I'm going to accomplish it.

I've decided it's going to be a lovely way to spend a weekend. And by Sunday night I will be feeling very proud of myself and enjoying my lovely room, with shelves full of books lining the walls, my rocking chair in place, and all will be right with the world. Or at least in that one room.

This bedroom-soon-to-be-library appears to be little more than a junk room at the moment. That is a terrible, terrible thing to let happen. It takes a long time to undo it and that's where I find myself. So, I'm going to dig in and do it and be done with it. I want to move on to other projects and this is my only free weekend for the next couple of months.

I'll do some before, during and after photos. Goodness knows I should be embarrassed to even show what the room looks like. But, as we all know, you'll be able to find the photos here on the world wide web. It will be like one of those organizing shows "before" photos.

When I was in Kentucky at Christmas I discovered that my nephew, Bobby, shares my distaste of those organizing shows. Throwing away my things is not organizing them. If you are an "organizer" you're supposed to come in and ORGANIZE my things - not just throw them away. If I only had 5% of the things I own I wouldn't need your help to organize them - I could do it myself.

And if you think I'm going to be arguing with someone over whether or not I get to keep something I value, you've lost your freaking mind. If I went to the trouble to make the money to buy it, went and purchased it, carried it home and hauled it upstairs, I want it. And if you're my organizer you're supposed to show me the efficient way to have/house/store/display/enjoy said item - not toss it out.

On another home front, I've also been thinking about trying my hand at reupholstering. I have a chair upstairs that I bought specifically with the idea of experiementing on it. I think the time has come to give it a whirl. If I screw it up I'll just toss it all out and consider it a lesson learned. I've got some fabric, a staple gun and a sewing machine - what else could I need? OK, so some knowledge and experience would be good, but both of those have to be gained. Nothing like just jumping into a project to get some of both.

My mother reupholstered furniture, and although she never had a lesson and only did it for family, hers looked as good as what I've seen the "professionals" do. I understand the hardest part is the cushions so I just decided maybe I'd hire those done if I ran into problems. It looks to me like it involves a lot of stretching and stapling.We'll see how confident I feel once I have something in pieces. I could be singing a completely different tune then.