Monday, March 01, 2010

Treasure Trove

This is how my day started.

These are boxes of brochures to be delivered to schools. I couldn't get all of them in the van, and didn't get all of these delivered today, so needless to say I'll be making more trips to Wichita in the coming days.

This is how my day ended.

Look at this treasure trove! My friend, Jami, gave me all these goodies today. I'm just beside myself with the possibilities they offer.

Of course, some of them are destined to be framed, like this amazing Christmas postcard.

Some will be used occasionally, like these delicate little napkins.

Some of them may find their way into art projects. So many lovely things. I couldn't wait to spread them all out on the table in a pile tonight and get a photo to share with you.

So many lovely things from such a lovely person. Thank you, Jami!