Saturday, September 03, 2005

Casualties of War

Not all casualties of war happen on the battlefield. Some of those who died in Katrina did so because money was spent killing people in Iraq instead of taking care of business here.

FEMA Dir. Michael Brown Needs to be Fired

Michael Brown, head of FEMA, is now blaming victims of the hurricane. He says they should have evacuated. Brown needs to be evacuated from his job. Immediately.

This is one of the more insensitive, stupid, things I've heard recently - and goodness knows with Bush in the White House we've heard a slew of stupidity over the last few years.

Well, gosh, and how would you like for these folks who don't have cars, and couldn't afford the gas for them if they did, to evacuate? Why didn't you send busses beforehand to evacuate people if that's what you thought should be done?

How much does the Director of FEMA make? I'm guessing it's more than a single person who was in the Superdome, the Convention Center, or stayed behind because they couldn't afford to leave. I'll bet it's more than whole families make.

Of course, what could we expect from an administration that has no compassion, other than have a director of FEMA who has no compassion? The trick is that compassion is kinda sorta a freaking REQUIREMENT of that job.