Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No More Self-Pity

I am feeling much more normal today. Yesterday I had a bit of a melt-down. It doesn't happen very often, but once every year or two it seems to come on like a ton of bricks and yesterday was the day.

But, I don't allow myself to wallow in self-pity for more than 24 hours so when I woke up this morning I decided to get on with life as we know it. Self-pity is such a debilitating, unpleasant place to be in. It's fine to visit there briefly, but no point in making it a permanent address. And Mama was right - nobody's pretty when they cry.

Besides, self-pity conflicts with five of my ten rules for living - particularly Rule #4, which is "Be Happy. You have no right to be anything else. You are Blessed. Appreciate it." If something conflicts with half of your basic life principles, it's something to be avoided.

On the upside, crying nonstop for many hours tends to exhaust a person so I slept very well last night - very soundly.

Fortunately, even Mother Nature cooperated with my mood today by delivering sunny skies, although it is chilly. However, another walk will no doubt do me some good. It didn't stave off the inevitable yesterday, but I'm sure it didn't hurt either.