Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newspaper Rack I Painted is at Post Office

Earlier this year I was invited to paint a newspaper rack. There were about 15 artists who did them and it was a fun project.
We were allowed to choose our theme. I love stars, so I decided to use that.

They were unveiled a couple of months ago, but had to be coated so they could be outdoors. Just recently someone told me mine was at the Post Office. So, I went down to get a photo of it in place.

If I'd known how it was going to be displayed I would have done it a little differently. But, overall, I'm pleased with it. It's also in the sun so the sparkly bits I went to the trouble to include are visible up close.

Thanks to the Hutchinson News and Gallery 7 for making this project happen!

The beginning of the project:

In the middle of the project: