Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Power of Action

I believe there is tremendous power in action. When I feel overwhelmed with things, I take some sort of action. It's often a very small action, but it's movement toward a goal. Over time, those small actions add up to something big being accomplished.

I was thinking about this in the context of how important "small" things are, when done with earnestness and sincerity. I was talking with a coworker the other day about a situation and I said, "I believe there is great power in handwritten thank you notes and baked goods."

It's true I believe both of things net results far exceeding the amount of energy expended. But the key, that so many people overlook, is the sincerity behind them. I write notes to people every week. But each one is considered and each one is genuine. I never write a "thank you for blah blah blah" note. When I write a note, it's sincere and heartfelt.

My mechanics joke with me whenever I go in about when I'm bringing them some more brownies or a cake. On occasion I pop in with goodies for them. It's not just that I like to cook and want to share baked goods, which is true, but it goes beyond that. When I bake for them I do it with intention of making them happy. It's different than cooking with a feeling of "I have to get through this."

Intention and sincerity are oft-overlooked, but I think that is where the true power of action lies.