Friday, September 15, 2006

The Governor and More

This morning I went to the chamber breakfast to hear Governor Kathleen Sebelius speak. I always enjoy her. She has been a fabulous governor for us and I'm looking forward to another four years of her leadership. She is exceptional

I don't know if she has any desire for a career on the national level, but if you ever get a chance to vote for her, do.

Diana just joined the chamber and this was her first breakfast so we sat together. Jan Pauls was there, as was Mark Treaster. It's neat we have two democrats from our area in this very Republican state.

Bornholdt Plantland got an award this morning for being the small business spotlight. It was presented by Dick Westphal who I just adore. He is on my board and a really great guy. He's Diana's next door neighbor in downtown now, and across the street from me.

Bornholdt Plantland is a fourth generation business - Gary's grandfather started it and now his sons are involved in it. Interestingly enough, Diana's husband's business - Johnson Sheet Metal - is also a fourth generation business.

I also got to chat with Martha and Molly briefly, as well as Pat Potucek and Trish. Trish is Sebelius's local campaign person and I'm taking part of tomorrow off so I can work the governor's booth with her.

I had thought I might get back to the fair later today but I didn't. There just isn't enough time for me to get everything done I want to get done in life.

I still haven't been to the birthing booth, seen the chainsaw artist, or ridden the train. I can do without all of those with the possible exception of the train. I need to ride the train every year. Don't know why, I just do.

Tonight Teresa, Julie, Martha, Diana and I met at Diana's new store to clear the space and bless it. It was good to see everyone and also a good experience.

We have Creative Sisterhood Monday night so this was a preview. I'm looking forward to tea in Arlington on Sunday. Mark may be here this weekend. It will be good to see him.

Well, I'm overdue for some sleep. Never seems to be enough time for that either.

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